VoltageHeating FuelPriceQuantity
110-120V, 60HzPropane$7,895.00
The Super Max 7000 is a rugged and durable wet steam pressure washer.  Built to last and appropriate for countless applications. The tremendous heat and low flow rate allows for incredibly efficient cleaning/degreasing while keeping water consumption to a minimum. 
  • Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Power Method: Electric motor
  • Heating Method: Propane
  • Steam Temperatures: Up to 330ºF
  • Industries: Professional Cleaning Contractors, Industrial Facilities, Schools, Hospitals, Hospitality, Government, Foodservice, and many, many more. See Products by Application.
  • Popular Applications:Fast chewing gum removal of up to 1200 pieces/hour; steam car wash; food and beverage manufacturing equipment cleaning; general industrial equipment cleaning; degreasing restaurant kitchen floors and walls; and many more.

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Most Popular, Portable, Electric-Powered,

Propane Heated Industrial Model


   pressure washers with stainless steel coils

  • The Super Max™ 7000 industrial pressure washer is by far the most popularly purchased wet steam pressure washer purchased by our customers worldwide. Relatively low water is consumed since the high temperatures allow users to clean much more quickly.
  • Approved for Use Indoors and Outdoors: Meets USDA standards for those using the system within food and beverage facilities.
  • Popular Applications: Along with Daimer's steam models with pressure levels above the 7000 system, the 7000 offers fast chewing gum removal for use on outside surfaces (dissolves up to 1200 pieces/hour). Other applications include: food and beverage manufacturing equipment cleaning; general industrial equipment cleaning; degreasing restaurant kitchen floors and walls; kitchen duct cleaning (from the roof); commercial coil and condenser cleanup; removing from other surfaces grease, oil, soap scum (heath clubs, etc), fats, hardened sugar, and much more.
  • Pressure: 1000 psi
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Power Method: Electric motor
  • Heating Method: Propane
  • Multiple Temperatures: Wet steam, hot water, and cold water pressure washer
  • Steam Temperatures: Safe, yet scorching temperatures up to 330ºF, the industry's highest temperature. The exceptionally high temperatures allow us to clean surfaces better than hot water pressure washers at even 3000 psi and 5 GPM.
    See a video of the Super Max™ 7000 dissolving 6 month old, baked-on grease build-up.
  • Heating Coils: Heaviest-gauge stainless steel coils ... we roll our own. About 90 lbs. of stainless go into each machine!
    No fragile aluminum coils that are destined to fail and offered by other brands.
  • Low Water Usage: Even at 2.5 GPM, the 7000 model delivers a relatively low flow rate as compare to other systems in the industry. Cleaning power is considerably greater than that of the Super Max™ 6000 model because of the higher pressure and flow rate.
  • Exclusive Automatic-Shutoff Technology: Exclusive Automatic-Shutoff Technology: Optional. Excellent for systems configured with longer hoses. The machine will shutoff automatically after approximately 30 seconds of non-use, then automatically restarts when the gun trigger is pulled again. User does need to return 100', etc. to the machine to manually turn on and off the system. See the Super Max™ 7000 AST model for this unique functionality.
  • Ultra Fast Heating: Converts cold water to hot water or wet steam within approximately 30 seconds.
  • Exclusive Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature via a dial on the control panel
  • Markets: Professional Cleaning Contractors, Schools, Hospitals, Government, Food service, Wineries, Bakeries, Breweries, Bottling Plants, Meat Packers, All types of Food and Beverage Facilities, Hotels/Motels, Industrial Factories, and many, many more. See our large list of Products by Applications.
  • Safe for use on pavers during chewing gum removal.
  • Powerful HVAC evaporator/condenser and fin tube coil cleaner. Safe on fins ... WE GUARANTEE IT!

The Super Max™ 7000's Fantastic Cleaning Power As Evidenced
By This Before & After Image ... Cleaning Up To 1200 Gum Spots/Hr.
See The Super Max™ 10880 For Gum Removal
& Larger Area Outdoor Cleaning Applications.

chewing gum removal, gum removal


Product Specifications

Warranty1 year (limited)Water Pump Warranty5 years (limited)Motor/Engine Warranty2 years (limited)
Pressure1000 psi
Flow Rate2.5 GPM
Temp. Optionscold, hot, wet steam
Steam Temp.up to 330ºF
Hot Water Temp.180ºF - 210ºF
Standard Power Methodelectric: 110V-120V, single phase, 60 Hz
Optional Power Methods(call for pricing) 110V-120V, single phase, 50 Hz; 220V-240V, single or three phase, 50 or 60 Hz; 440V, three phase, 50 or 60 Hz
Motor Sizeheavy-duty 1.5 HP - NEMA
Minimum Generator Size5000 watts
Gasoline/Diesel Fuel CapacityN/A
Ignition SystemN/A
Power Cords1
Heating Methodpropane
Heating Fuel Capacity40 lb. empty tank included
Heater Exchange Coilhigh-pressure stainless steel
Heater Response Timeconverts cold to hot water - approx.30 secs
Operating Timecontinuous use
Pump Drive Methoddirect drive
Chemical Infusionyes - siphon type standard
Wand Includeddurable 3' trigger wand with quick disconnect
Nozzles Standard0º (blast), 15º, 25º, 40º, steam nozzles (wet steam output available in all spray patterns)
Pressure Hose25' high pressure steam hose
Pressure Hose Optionsadditional/customizable lengths available
Dimensions23"w. x 30"d. x 45"h.
Weight250 lbs
Housingsteel - powder-coated, high gloss, chip/chemical resistant
Phosphatizing SystemN/A
Acid/Phosphate Chemical FeedN/A
Trailer MountN/A
Multi-Gun OperationN/A
Wall MountN/A
Wet Sandblasting SystemN/A



Made InUSA

Parts List

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Standard Parts / Quantity

3' Durable Trigger Wand with Quick Disconnect 1
0º (Blast) Nozzle 1
15º Nozzle 1
25º Nozzle 1
40º Nozzle 1
Steam Nozzle 1
25' High Pressure Steam Hose 1

*All nozzles can be used with wet steam output.






How to Select the Right Commercial Pressure Washer Machine?

With so many different types of pressure washer machines in the market, selecting the right pressure washing machine can be a difficult task. In order to select the right pressure washing machines, you need to know the potential applications of the pressure wash equipment. If the capabilities of the pressure cleaning system match your requirements, then you should not hesitate to buy it. Companies such as Daimer® have a customer helpline that assists buyers choose the right pressure washers.

An industrial pressure washer is used for cleaning factory areas, gas stations, and similar locations that tend to collect heavy layers of grime and grease. An industrial pressure cleaning machine features very high pressure levels. Most people prefer electric pressure cleaning machines for cleaning indoor areas.

If you are want to use a pressure washer to clean cars, look for a commercial pressure washer that offers lower pressure levels. Remember never to use pressure levels higher than 1500 PSI while cleaning cars.

Machines such as Super Max™ 7000, with high pressure level and temperature up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, are a car washer's delight. You can adjust the temperature to even use inlet water temperature when hot water is not needed. Contractors prefer the convenience of using machines with high temperatures. Hot water eliminates grease very fast. Many hot water pressure wash systems are used for defrosting car surfaces during winters.

Understanding your own pressure washing needs is the first step to selecting the right pressure washer machine. Pricing is also important. Daimer offers discounts on its products. In addition to that, Daimer's machines are reliable and offer the right features. No wonder contractors are making a beeline to Daimer's stores to purchase their machines.

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