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Ice Dam Removal Machines - Gutters
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Why Ice Dams are Dangerous and How You Can Get Rid of Them?

Ice dams are common in many snowy areas. They form when gutters are blocked with ice, forming a barrier to water outlet. In addition, the edges of the roof may experience an accumulation of ice. The water formed on the roof, due to melting of ice or rain, cannot be drained away from the roof. The water starts leaking into the ceiling, walls, and other interior parts of the house, depending on where the building is the weakest and where pipes and fixtures are running.

The damage wreaked by ice dams can range from peeling paint and sodden floors, to ceilings that bulge beneath the weight of the ice. Mold often germinates under such moist conditions. It is important that icicles forming on your roof be removed as soon as possible in order to prevent moisture damage. In extreme cases, ice dams can cause the roof to cave in.

Why Remove Ice Dams With Pressure Washers?

It is important to keep removing snow from the roof to prevent the formation of ice dams. Pressure washers are among the most effective equipment for removal of ice dams. Daimer® offers the Super Max™ 12800 and Super Max™ 7000, portable machines that can be wheeled around in indoor facilities or set up on trailers. Another major advantage of this type of ice dam removal equipment is that it can generate pressure levels high as 1000 PSI to remove ice from the surface effectively.  Caution must be used with this equipment on shingled roofs, using an improper technique can result in damage to shingles. The proper technique is to direct the spray of wet steam along the grade of the shingles and parallell to the roof at a distance of ~3-5 feet from the ice dam. This technique maximizes the effect of removing the ice dam, and minimizes the impact on the shingle.  

Significance of High Temperature and Moderate Flow

What makes pressure washers so effective is their high temperatures. The Super Max™ 12800 achieves temperatures as high as 330°F. It is considered among the best professional ice dam removal machines because it can be used indoors as well as outdoors for many different applications. Contractors, who have been requested to remove ice dams as well as undertake general cleaning of the roof, will benefit from investing in this type of ice dam removal steam machine. It is operated by electricity, and therefore, features a powerful 1.5 HP NEMA engine. Another advantage is that this machine can be purchased with different heating options, such as the use of heating oil, diesel, or kerosene.

The moderate flow rate of 2 GPM is an added advantage, ensuring that excess water does not end up adding to the ice on the roof, while the contractor is removing the existing ice dams. Besides removing ice, this machine can also eliminate grease and dirt from various hard surfaces. To undertake complete cleaning of roofs, it is recommended that you invest in high-quality steam ice dam removal equipment.

Daimer® offers ice dam removal equipment as well as other types of pressure washing machines and commercial cleaning equipment. The machines are shipped to more than 240 countries, and are developed keeping in mind industry specific requirements.

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