Agricultural and Farm Equipment Cleaning

Agricultural and Farm Equipment Cleaning
4 Agricultural and Farm Equipment Cleaning
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Agricultural and Farm Equipment Cleaning Machines

Today, traditional methods of agriculture have been replaced with mechanized technologies. Agriculture is no longer dependent on animals and almost all farming processes including sowing, reaping, adding fertilizers, threshing, churning, etc. can be done using various agricultural and farm equipment. 

There is specialized agricultural equipment and machinery for irrigating fields like engines, pumps and other specialized equipment for easy and quick water distribution. Even similar types of farm equipment are used for aerial spraying of fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Harvesting equipment includes bean harvesters, combine harvesters, conveyor belts, corn harvesters, cotton pickers and and other farm equipment. 

Many vehicles are now used in farming apart from tractors. Trucks, airplanes, and helicopters are also used for transportation of animals, crops and spraying operations, etc. All this agriculture and farm equipment needs to be maintained well to protect it from corrosive fertilizers and herbicides, dirt, mud stains, etc. 

Agricultural and Farm Machinery Cleaning

 Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning most types of farm equipment, barns, wheel tractors, sprayers, seeders, reapers, trucks, plows, compactors, hay equipment, grain drying and milk drawing equipment.

Farmers involved in cattle ranching, dairy goods, poultry farming, sheep rearing for wool, leather, and meat need to take extensive care to ensure proper animal hygiene. Pressure washers can be used to clean dirt, stains, and more from animal living quarters. 

Pressure washers can effectively clean soil cultivators, manure spreaders, combine harvesters, conveyor belts, planters, stalk shredders, balers, pickers and silage harvesters, grain handling and trailers, fertilizer and manure spreaders, telehandlers, and even hay equipment. 

Spray from a distance of 2-3 feet from the surface being cleaned. Use turbo nozzles, surface cleaners, remote stations, multiple wands and other pressure washer attachments to efficiently clean your farm equipment. 

Pressure washers can also be used to clean silos containing grain or wheat. It is very important to clean silos between fills to prevent and kill pests. 

Tractors or any other farm equipment should be pressure washed without much delay or mud, silt, and other substances may harden. This residue can also corrode farm equipment. 

Daimer Pressure Washers 

Daimer offers a wide range of high pressure washers and other pressure cleaning equipment for agricultural and industrial use. Our pressure washing cleaning systems are perfect for cleaning farm equipment and agriculture machines. All our products meet USDA standards and only the highest quality parts and components go into each and every pressure washer, including our steam pressure washers, cold pressure washers, hot pressure washers, trailer mounted pressure washers, portable pressure washers, and others. 

Daimer's commercial pressure washers can work continuously and are best for farmers and agricultural operations. Industrial and commercial pressure washers are heavy duty powered cleaning equipment and machines with high reliability, durability and efficiency. High pressure washers are very effective at removing stubborn dirt, debris, grease, mud and muck, etc. 

Cold pressure washers are appropriate for applications where grease and oil are not a factor to consider. Steam pressure washers and hot pressure washers are ideal for deep and fast cleaning as hot water pressure dramatically increases cleaning power making cleaning easy and more effective, especially on grease, oils or petrochemicals, mud buildup, sludge slots, and mire blemishes. Rubber tires and plastic parts of machines need to cleaned as they may contain fats, fatty acids, and stearic acid from animals. 

Super Max™ - Wet Steam Pressure Washers-- These industrial pressure washers feature up to and beyond 4000 psi, and up to 330°F. 

Vapor-Flo® - 88OO Series, Low Moisture, All Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers -- These electric pressure washers feature up to 1800 psi, up to 200°F, and an astoundingly low 2 liters flow rate per minute. These high pressure cleaning machines are the only systems of their kind in the world and are ideal for cleaning parts and equipment without the higher water flow associated with traditional hot water pressure washers and steam pressure washing equipment! 

Daimer's Super Max™ series of pressure washers are tri-mode pressure washers combining steam pressure washers, hot pressure washers, and cold pressure washers in one piece of cleaning equipment. They emit a strong wet steam flow at ULTRA high temperature and are effective at cleaning all sorts of agricultural and farm equipment . 

Whatever your application, Daimer offers among the most powerful and reliable pressure washers and cleaning equipment in the industry.

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