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Aircraft Detailing Machines
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Using Versatile Aircraft Detailing Machines

Cleaning of an aircraft is a highly complex process. Various parts of the aircraft can attract dirt, grease, and grime, which can be a risk factor for the plane on the ground and while in the skies. Corrosives, pollutants, bugs, and other types of impurities can build up on various parts of an aircraft’s exterior. Food crumbs, ink stains, and wine spills can spoil carpets, aisles, seats, and upholstery, and ruin the looks of the interior of the aircraft.

Aircraft cleaning equipment with the right features can make cleaning of the interior and exterior of the aircraft significantly easier and faster.

Why Use Industry-Specific Aircraft Cleaning Machines?

An aircraft cleaning machine must meet the cleaning regulations laid down by the industry. Use of specific types of chemicals and detergents is not allowed for use in aircrafts, as it can affect aircraft performance in some ways. It is almost impossible to correctly wash an aircraft without using advanced aircraft detailing equipment.

Daimer®, the leader in supplying top quality cleaning machines for various industries, excels in the area of supplying exterior aircraft cleaning equipment and advanced interior aircraft cleaning equipment. Known for its path-breaking technologies and ability to identify the precise cleaning needs of various industries, Daimer® has been supplying industry-specific cleaning systems that set the benchmark for performance and durability.

Aircraft Cleaning Machines that Offer Versatility and Superior Cleaning Results

High-powered industrial pressure washers make the perfect aircraft pressure cleaning equipment. There are machines that can be used as a hot water, cold water, or steam pressure washer. The most advanced machines offer a high pressure level and flow rate to clean dirt, grime, and mud off aircraft interiors quickly.

In the steam pressure washer mode, the machine can be used to remove stubborn deposits, dirt, and unyielding spots from a variety of surfaces inside the aircraft. It can be used as aircraft engine parts cleaning equipment, as it can remove grease and oil marks from engine parts with the power of heated steam, which can reach up to 330°F.

The Super Max™ 12880 is one powerful aircraft cleaning machine from Daimer®, as it generates outstanding pressure levels of 3000 PSI. This outdoor cleaning equipment can be used to remove almost all types of dirt and hardened deposits from aircrafts' exteriors. The two-gun operation option can allow two operators to work on the aircraft from the same cleaning unit.

The Super Max™ 12500 PE is a superior aircraft cleaning equipment and comes with the Daimer® performance and durability guarantee.

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