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Dump Truck and Trailer Cleaning: Are You Equipped for It?

Dump trucks work in some of the grimiest locations, carrying materials ranging from waste to sand, minerals, coal, and so on. Therefore, these vehicles tend to collect a lot of dirt on the way. Main parts of the truck exteriors, such as radiators, fuel tanks, wheels, engine housing, chassis, tray, and tires, and rims, are cleaned with the help of high pressure dump truck detailing equipment.

How Dump Truck Washing Systems Take Care of Problem Areas?

The dump truck is a large vehicle and its maintenance can be difficult. The grills and oil cooling fins, for example, get very dirty with soot, grease, plant sap, and other dirt. The area surrounding the radiator, be it the ledge or engine bay, are smeared with road dust and other types of grime.

The chassis also gets soiled, due to the variety of materials carried by dump trucks. The chassis also has many small outlets for drainage, and if these outlets are blocked by dirt, then drainage could be a problem. Pressure washers, such as Daimer®'s dump truck washers and dump truck washing machines, have pressure levels up to 3000 PSI. The high pressures forcefully remove the grime, ensuring that the dump truck is clean as per the standards required.

Why the Use of Hot Water Makes Cleaning Easier?

The rear part of the truck, with the double wheels, also need to be cleaned. The tray has a lining, under which materials can collect and become a great cause for concern. Dump truck trailer washing machines, therefore, often require the use of hot water, for flushing out the grime. Hot water is known for its ability to melt grease and this leads to faster elimination of sticky grime. Machines, such as the Super Max™ 12500 PE, work to remove grime quickly, thanks to temperatures up to 330°F for wet steam and 210°F for hot water. Since these machines support three temperature settings, you can set the temperature as per the cleaning requirement.

Portable Machines: How Do They Help?

Daimer®'s dump truck washing equipment eliminates grime from different types of dump trucks, such as super dump truck, standard dump truck, semi trailer bottom, triple trailer bottom, and so on.

Since dump trucks are often cleaned on-site, Daimer®'s cleaning equipment has been designed keeping portability in mind. These machines can be fitted on trailers. They have different power options, from propane and gasoline engines to electric motors. Even within these categories, buyers find options for use in specific locations, such as different power configurations.

Daimer®'s truck detailing machines can clean many types of trailers, trucks, tractors, and other vehicles. They offer varied features, but all of them have high-quality, appropriate warranties, and productivity as their major selling points.

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