Best 50 Hz Electric Pressure Washers for Countries Outside North America

Providing powerful, durable cleaning machines that meet and exceed virtually all customer needs and expectations is a feet Daimer® has continually strived for since the company's inception. In addition to providing the most versatile line of cleaning machines and chemicals with a host of different options to meet nearly all applications, Daimer® has focused on meeting the power requirements of countries worldwide.

An example of this versatility can be found in Daimer®'s line of pressure washers, available in 110-120V, 208V, 220-240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 480V, and 600V; in either 50 Hz or 60 Hz; and in single and three phase configurations. Daimer®'s latest line of all-electric Vapor-Flo® pressure washers are no different, offering a wide range of 60 Hz and 50 Hz configurations.

This new line of Vapor-Flo® machines from Daimer® is set to redefine traditional concepts involving power, as traditionally machines are powered by gas, diesel, propane, or electricity and heated by a different source. In contrast, the equipment in the Vapor-Flo® series includes only all-electric pressure washers. These machines do not have any kind of combustion engine and do not require any type of fuel as an energy source. In other words, both the water's pressure and temperature are generated by electricity.

The following are some of the main features of the best electric pressure washer machines in the Vapor-Flo® series by Daimer®.

Quality of Daimer®'s Best Electric Pressure Washer Series

Vapor-Flo® commercial electric pressure washer machines have the customary Daimer® quality. These are rugged machines designed for continuous use. The housing is made of durable stainless steel or powder-coated steel to provide lasting protection for the internals of these powerful systems.

Included accessories are also tough, including durable 2.5 foot trigger wands and double layered pressure hoses designated to withstand high pressure levels.

Configurations to Meet Customer Needs

The Vapor-Flo® series features both portable and stationery machines. Portable machines are usually considered the best electric heated pressure washers for operators in large commercial and industrial facilities requiring the ability to move the machine to designated applications. Stationary systems are preferred where operators experience repeat application within a given area. The value of stationary models can be improved by opting for longer hoses. All the models come with a custom length option. That is, the customer can select a hose with any reasonable length they require.

Advanced Power Specifications of Vapor-Flo® Systems

Power of any pressure washer depends on three factors: output pressure, output temperature, and flow rate. The best electric pressure washer models in the Vapor-Flo® series have an output pressure of up to 2175 psi. The full range stretches from 1400 psi to 2175 psi. The pressure level you select, should match your application. For example, car detailing requires a pressure level at or below 1500 psi to ensure vehicle surfaces are not damaged.

Vapor-Flo® electric pressure washer models provide two kinds of output temperature: cold water and hot water. Cold water output uses the temperature of water that is put into the machine, while the temperature of hot water output varies, depending on the model. The output temperature ranges from 140°F to 205°F. Higher temperatures translate to greater cleaning power.

The flow rate, which indicates the quantity of output that flows per minute, ranges from 0.4 GPM to 2.7 GPM for the commercial pressure washer machines in this series. For areas where drainage facilities or water availability is a concern, a lower flow rate is best.

In short, the best electric pressure washers in the Vapor-Flo® series are the best on the market in terms of power, versatility, and quality. If you are looking for a high-power best electric pressure washer, look no further than the new line of products from Daimer®.

Daimer 50 Hz Best Electric Pressure Washer
50 Hz Models

8 50 Hz Models
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Vapor-Flo 7100
Retail Price: $10,686.00
Special Price: $7,480.00

Daimer's new line of Vapor-Flo® pressure washers boasts a series of powerful, electric powered, electric heated 50 Hz pressure washing machines for commercial and industrial users outside North America. These dual-mode machines can emit cold water or hot water, capable of heating water as high as 60°C, depending on the model.

As all electric pressure washers, the new Vapor-Flo® systems can be used for a wide range of applications. They are particularly beneficial indoors, as they generate no exhaust and operate quieter than fuel-powered machines.

The Vapor-Flo® 7100 is an all electric commercial pressure washer capable of reaching a water temperature of 60°C in 30 seconds, with a pressure level of 1450 psi (100 bar). A low 1.5 LPM flow rate allows for minimal water use for applications like washing cars and floors or in areas where drainage is limited. This electric powered, 50Hz, 1.0 HP machine has steel powder-coated casing to resist rust and stains and top access to the water tank.

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Vapor-Flo 7350
Retail Price: $10,183.00
Special Price: $7,128.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7350 is a stationary pressure washer ideal for users who wish to add a permanent, powerful pressure washing machine to their facility. This product features adjustable temperature options up to 96.1°C. With 1700 psi (117 bar) and a flow rate of 1.5 LPM, dirt and grime are easily cleaned away.

Vapor-Flo 7475
Retail Price: $11,143.00
Special Price: $7,800.00

Featuring a pressure level of 1700 psi (117 bar) and a flow rate of 2.3 LPM, the Vapor-Flo® 7475 is an electric pressure washer ideal for a wide array of commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Temperatures of 79.4°C can be reached in just 20 seconds, and the hot and cold temperature options can be adjusted depending on the application. Unlike the Vapor-Flo® 7400, this system offers easy top-access to the integral water tank.

Vapor-Flo 7750
Retail Price: $12,423.00
Special Price: $8,696.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7750 is a stationary, electric powered and electric heated pressure washer with a pressure level of 1880 psi (130 bar) and a flow rate of 3.8 LPM. With this machines dual temperature options, the user can switch between hot and cold water for different cleaning applications. Maximum temperatures reach 96.1°C in 20 seconds.

Vapor-Flo 7875
Retail Price: $13,794.00
Special Price: $9,656.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7875 is powered by a heavy-duty 440V three phase, 3.0 HP motor. With a high pressure level of 2030 psi (140 bar) and a flow rate of 5.3 LPM, this machine is ideal for heavy industrial cleaning applications. Hot and cold temperature options allow the user to adjust the temperature levels up to 79.4°C, while the steel powder-coated casing prevents chipping and chemical corrosion. As an added benefit, this system enables operators to reach the water tank from the top of the machine for easy access.

Vapor-Flo 7910
Retail Price: $16,628.00
Special Price: $11,640.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7910 features pressure levels of 2030 psi (140 bar) and a flow rate of 5.3 LPM. Dual temperature options enable this machine to reach temperatures up to 96.1°C, making it ideal for demanding industrial applications, such as cleaning grease and hardened dirt. Operators can choose to use both hot and cold water temperatures depending on the application. Furthermore, the 7910 is housed in powder-coated steel to resist corrosion and chipping.

Vapor-Flo 7940
Retail Price: $19,371.00
Special Price: $13,560.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7940 is an all electric pressure washer with a higher pressure level (2175 psi, 150 bar) and a higher flow rate (7.6 LPM) than the 7930. Ideal for heavy duty industrial job applications, hot and cold temperature options enable operators to clean both delicate and rugged surfaces. Temperature levels reach up to 79.4°C in 20 seconds with the heavy-duty, stainless steel heater exchange coils.

Vapor-Flo 7960
Retail Price: $21,520.00
Special Price: $15,064.00

Similar to the 7940, the Vapor-Flo® 7960 has a pressure level of 2175 psi (150 bar) and a flow rate of 7.6 LPM. However, the Vapor-Flo® 7960 can reach higher temperatures of 96.1°C for quick dissolving of grease and other hardened deposits. Both hot and cold water temperature options allow the user to clean both durable and delicate surfaces. Run by a powerful heavy duty 4.0, 440V three phase motor, this electric pressure washer is ideal for highly demanding industrial cleaning applications.

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