June 20, 2016

Advantages of Using a Heated Pressure Washer

Electric Heated Pressure WasherElectrical heated pressure washers are often purchased by omeowners (or business owners)to get rid of oil stains, debris build on on drive ways or to clean general surfaces in the home or business place. When purchasing (or considering the purchase of) a heated pressure washer that runs on electricity, you should always ensure that you do your due dilligence on the product and manufacturer. Pressure washing machines in general are used for heavy duty cleaning projects that need the power of a heated or non-heated water pressure stream to remove build up, in most cases they're pretty durable products. However, with so many options and a wide price range to choose from, it can be difficult to know when and if you're getting the right product for the job. The general rule of thumb to follow when purchasing anything is to invest in a product that will last you a long time if you plan on needing the product for a long time so that you're not required to replace it every year or few months. Before making your decision, its highly recommended that you research the company you're buying from dilligently to check reviews, pricing and the product model being sold to ensure it will meet your standards and most importantly handle the job right.

Heated pressure washers are useful for many purposes. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a heated electric pressure washing machine.

  • Great for Grease Oil Stains - Using heated pressure cleaners to remove oil stains or grease build up in restaurant equipment, vechicles, drive way or other surfaces is highly effective. When you get an oil stain from your car onto the drive way, you can rely on a pressure washer that's heated to help remove that annoying stain with ease. Cleaning trailors, tractors or work trucks can be done easily when you have a heated pressure washing machine available. Our pressure washers are especially effective when being used for these types of surfaces and are designed to out-last the competitor models available. Other popular uses for electric heated pressure cleaners include cleaning patio decks, tennis courts, outdoor furniture, fences, and many other types of surfaces that are prone to getting dirty over time.
  • Effective Efficient Cleaning. A hot water pressure washer brings together the key elements needed to successfully remove most grime build-ups and grease which are hot water mixed with soap + high pressure. With the intense heat, you're able to loosen up the oil or grease. Coupled with the high speed of the water blast, you will cause a high speed molecular break down of the build up and in most cases completely remove the contaminants or stains. In most cases the amount of PSI that your unit produces will great impact the effectiveness of the cleaning process so be sure to get a reasonable amount of PSI, compromising PSI for cost is not always a smart move in the long run. The more PSI you have, the more efficient your cleaning will be because you can get more surface area cleaned in a shorter amount of time. It's important to be careful when pressure cleaning painted surfaces so that you don't accidentally remove paint with your pressure washer. Other surfaces can be damaged if you're not careful too, the best recommendation is to start off with a lower PSI then gradually build up until you feel you're getting the most efficient use of your machine on the respective surface. When you use detergant in the water as a mixture, you'll get even more efficiency out of your machine because the soap will aid in the process of breaking apart any build up that you're removing from the surface you're cleaning (not to mention you'll also end up with a much more brilliant shine because of the soap which helps clean the surface much like when you are washing a car).
  • Clean, Safe, and quiet machinery. Electric pressure washers don’t ever produce fumes like gas powered ones do, because of that, they can be safely used indoor if needed to clean your shower or gym. Most kinds of cleaning equipment, farming equipment, industrial equipment and vehicles can be thoroughly cleaned with a heated pressure cleaning machine. They can also be used for light cleaning around the patio or walk ways to your homes front entrance that collects leaves / debris easily. Unlike gas heated pressure washers, there are no fumes or noise to deal with in an electric pressure cleaner with heated water. In most cases, our units are easy to assemble and operate, they're designed to be as light-weight as possible so that you have a full range of motion while cleaning.
  • When so many cleanup projects are executed effectively by a lightweight electric heated pressure washer, why would you want to spend more time and energy attempting to clean it with a non-heated one? It takes much longer and doesn't make sense, especially after you've tried a heated unit. When it comes to heated units, you rarely ever have to be concerned about damaging what you are cleaning as long as you start off small with your PSI and work your way up. If you notice that your surface is about to get damaged, quickly turn down the PSI. Our units on usually produce around 1,300 to 1,700 PSI of water pressure, which is ideal for most cleaning projects.
  • Investment in efficiency. There are many types of heated pressure washers available but not all of them can get the job done like ours do. Our are built to last long and are very powerful, buying one of our units will save you time in the future which makes it an investment. Instead of taking 4 hours to clean your drive way it may only take you 2 hours with ours, in that case, you save 2 hours of your time which can mean a lot to some people. After cleaning a drive way several times throughout the year, your product will pay for itself from the time savings. Our units also require little to zero maintenance or repairs which means you'll also save down the line if you buy our products vs a less expensive lower quality machine offered by the competition.

To view our full range of heated pressure water products, be sure to check out the offerings by Daimer Industries- the leading name in the commercial cleaning equipment industry. Our products feature flexible options for enhanced convenience. We have an impeccable track record of high performing and durable products. Together with many tools and accessories, and all at an affordable price, our products cannot be beat.


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