February 15, 2016

Affordable Cleaning Equipment for Your Massachusetts Business

Cleaning MachinesWhen it comes to running your business, we know the things that are most important to you. Whether you own a large company, manage an office, or run a team from a small suite uptown, you have too much on your plate already without having to worry about cleaning. Be that as it may, having an office that's sanitary and a work environment that is enjoyable is something that remains high on your list of priorities if you want healthy, happy employees who remain eager to put in the hours you need on a weekly basis. A dirty office will not only repulse your employees, but it'll also prove to be a distraction to the ones who do choose to work through it. On the flip side of that problem, having cleaning solutions or equipment in place that lack a certain quality and efficiency might be expensive, and might come with certain stipulations that you can't afford to adhere to.

Affordable Cleaners for Your Business

At Daimer, our cleaners are well known around the globe and have proven to be essential for use commercially and industrially. We have a range of cleaners for every need: steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, and pressure steam washers are among the most used.

Steam cleaners, when put to use in the office, will sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize all in one use – three steps in one. Without a steam cleaner, you'll be sanitizing with a chemical cleaner, disinfecting with a separate cleaner that may or may not be harmful on the material being cleaned, and then you'll just be replacing the odor (likely temporarily) with an odor eater. Our steam cleaners, on the other hand, generate dry vapor with a low moisture content. Additionally, most industrial or commercial cleaners overlook the use of heat as an effective cleaning agent – our steam cleaners do not. Using heat as a powerful cleaning method, we eliminate or reduce the need for detergents, making the entire process safer and more environmentally friendly... keeping you and your employees safer and happier. Our pressure washers with steam employ much of the same cleaning tactic, using heat as a cleansing agent that helps to lift out the dirt.

We know that carpets in the workplace take a beating as long as multiple people are trekking in and out many times a day. This is why our carpet cleaners are a vital tool to have in your office cleaning arsenal. Our professional grade carpet cleaners work by injecting water into the carpet layers using tools and accessories that aren't available elsewhere. When you combine this innovative technology with a dirt-dissolving cleaning spray, the carpet and dirt bond is sufficiently loosened and the dirt is lifted effortlessly. Choose to use these systems as needed, daily, weekly, or on a semi-annual basis, and you'll see better quality of life in your office carpets (not to mention your employees).

How They'll Save You Money

You may be hesitating on the up front cost. Wouldn't it be cheaper to get by as needed with store bought cleaners, bleaches and disinfectants bought on a regular basis? Maybe in the short term, yes. However, in the long term? You're saving yourself tons of money as these commercial grade cleaners will be put to use for years and years without the added necessity of other cleaners.

In addition, our commercial grade cleaners are user friendly, there's no professional required in terms of operating the equipment. What does this mean for you? No more renting carpet cleaners and operators, no more calling and reserving carpet and steam cleaners to come, and then paying for their commute and labor on top of the service itself. Doing it yourself, or simply employing a janitor to do it as often as you'd like, is definitely the best way to be financially savvy.

Why They're More Efficient than Other Cleaning Equipment

Our products and equipment all promotes a friendly environment: heat is used as a powerful cleaning agent more often than not, gentle chemicals are used when necessary, and our cleaners boast a fast drying period so that your office can revert back to normal quickly after each use.

You'll find that many other chemicals and cleaners, whether purchased for permanent use like ours, or rented as a service, require office vacation (not the fun kind). Why? Either materials don't dry quickly, chemicals are harsh for the human body to inhale, or foot traffic will negate the work done. Our office use cleaning equipment ensures that none of this be the case.

We know that your office is of the utmost importance to you, and that sanitation is indeed a priority. This is why Daimer has become the most trusted and popular industry name in creating innovative and powerful cleaning systems that will save you a ton of money in the long run. If you're interested in finding the perfect affordable cleaners for your office, call or check out the web site, where our professionals are happy to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction.


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