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December 16, 2020

What Equipment Do You Need to Wash a Car?

If you’re wondering what equipment you need to wash a car like the pros, here are a few suggestions that can deliver impressive results.
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November 18, 2020

4 Ways a Commercial Carpet Extractor Can Transform Your Business

Using a commercial carpet extractor to keep your facility’s carpet clean can have numerous benefits for your business, which we will outline here.
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November 16, 2020

4 Differences Between Hot and Cold Pressure Washers

If you’re looking for a pressure washer but want to make sure you get the best type for the job at hand, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the difference between hot and cold pressure washers here.
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November 16, 2020

Steam Cleaner vs. Carpet Shampooer: What's the Difference?

Are your carpets covered in stains and dirt? If so, then it’s time to deep clean. But with all the different products and tools out there, which methods are most effective? Manual cleaning and using a carpet shampooer are often the first methods that people turn to when trying to clean their carpets. However, these aren’t always the best ways to get rid of stubborn dirt and effectively lift stains from the fibres. In some cases, using a steam cleaner might be required. If you’re not sure what method you should use for your carpet situation, read on to learn the difference between steam cleaning vs. carpet shampooing and which one is best to use.
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August 14, 2020

5 Applications of Dry Ice Blasting

Tired of manually cleaning your surfaces and equipment? Then it’s time to learn about the power of dry ice blasting and how it can eliminate all the dirt, residue, and contaminants you’re facing safely and effectively. Whether you’re in the food and beverage sector, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, or otherwise, dry ice blasting will improve your cleaning processes and operations. Learn how right here.

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July 24, 2020

5 Ways That Auto Detailing Equipment Can Enhance Your Bottom Line

Dirty vehicles are not only hard on the eyes, but they can also impact your bottom line. Dirt, grime, mold, and bacteria that build up over time can be damaging to both your health and the value of your vehicle. If you’re spending countless hours and money washing your fleet by hand, it might be time to consider purchasing auto detailing equipment to speed up the process and get the deep clean your vehicles need. Learn more about all the ways that auto detailing equipment can enhance your bottom line and restore the value of your fleet below.

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June 30, 2020

5 Cleaning Tips for Businesses as They Reopen Their Doors

Reopening your business will take work, but there are a few steps you can take to reduce any risks that could result in health implications or even a lawsuit. Get the cleaning tips you need to safely reopen after lockdown right here.
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June 25, 2016

Extremely Powerful: Heated Electric Pressure Washers

The highest powered pressure cleaners aren't always the gas powered ones. Electric pressure washers that use heated water come in heavy duty models too.
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June 24, 2016

Commercial Steam Cleaners to Combat Kitchen Grease

Say goodbye to stubborn kitchen grease with our commercial steam cleaners. Learn how these cleaners cut through kitchen grease.
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June 22, 2016

The Best Heavy Duty Car Seat Cleaning Machine

Looking for the best steam cleaner to use for cleaning the inside of a car, truck or van? If so check out the latest blog about heavy duty car seat cleaners.
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