January 08, 2016

Alternative Solution to Sand Blasting That Doesn't Leave a Mess

Ice Blaster MachineIn any industry, cleaning can be a rather difficult thing to contend with, and with good reason. Though you are ‘cleaning’, any method you use is probably going to leave some sort of mess, and in the instance of sand blasting, you couldn’t be more right. Sand blasting is an abrasive cleaning technique that you can use to strip paint, or simply remove dirt/buildup from various surfaces. Because the sand is an abrasive it gets the job done quickly and with very little effort on your part. The problem, however, is that once the cleaning is done, you are left with sand residue which you must then clean up. Once again, it’s an extra step and when it comes to efficiency, you won’t exactly be winning any awards. This is why ice blasting is so well preferred over the alternatives and why it is gaining so much traction in nearly every industry.

What is Ice Blasting?

Ice blasting isn’t exactly a new invention, but it has recently begun to gain more traction in the industrial world, and with good reason. The most interesting thing about it is that the pellets used actually evaporate the moment they come into contact with any surface. This sublimation causes the pellet to dissolve into a gas while creating a reaction that loosens the dirt/debris particles from the surface in question.

Ice blasting can be handled with either a single hose system or a dual hose system, with the dual hose being a bit weaker. The single hose is definitely a stronger system, but it costs more, making it a tough sell for companies that only have light uses for their ice blasting in the first place.

Why is it Preferred?

You know that ice blasting is preferred for the lack of cleanup after the fact, but are there any other reasons that you should be aware of? There is the fact that the pellets dissolve immediately, mainly because you are using dry ice. Because this happens, and because the pellets are not as abrasive as other forms of blasting, they can be used without prejudice on some of the more delicate assembly line electronics. One of the biggest problems we tend to have when it comes to an assembly line is the need to take it out of commission each and every time it is cleaned.

Do you know why electronics fail when they are introduced to water? Mainly because someone throws the power switch before the board is dry and fuses connection where one should not have existed. Because water is a conductor of electricity, it has no trouble carrying the signal anywhere and everywhere. On the upside, if you allow the circuitry to dry out, there is no reason that the unit cannot be used again. This, however, becomes moot point when you are using ice blasting simply because the pellets vanish and you never need to worry about them again.

Multiple Applications

There are many different potential applications for your ice blaster, whether you choose to rent one or make a full purchase. You will find that it can be used in several industries whether you are working in the automotive industry aerospace industry, or even the food industry. The best part is the lack of toxic substances used in the cleaning method. Earlier we made mention of the potential for less mess and zero interference with electronics, but we failed to mention that these pellets release absolutely no toxins and are therefore 100% safe for your workers to be around. It can be a bit expensive to purchase your own system and get the ball rolling, but it is a decision that you will not regret, and before you know it, you’ll be cleaning more efficiently, and undoubtedly enjoying the newfound freedom that level of efficiency brings.

Start taking a look at all of the different scrubber options now and ensure you’re ready to commit to a particular model. As we said above, you have the choice between a single or dual hose model, both of which are efficient, and designed to meet your particular needs.

No matter what industry you happen to be in, the ice blaster is without a doubt one of the most important tools you can have. Give it a try and see for yourself – you’ll never want to switch back to the old sand blaster, we guarantee it.


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