October 22, 2015

Beverage Equipment Cleaning

125835487_xlIn the beverage industry there are a vast number of containers in use at any given time. These come in many different forms, from tanks, to barrels, to crates, etc. Also consider that there are several conveyors and automated bottling lines in play. They are used constantly and as a result, they end up full of dirt, dust, grime, and anything that happens to spill into them. It is a beverage factory, after all. Over time, deposits build up and the containers simply are not sanitary anymore.

Your first thought might be to dismantle your equipment and wipe everything down, but if you think about it, you will realize that this is not even remotely efficient. Can you imagine how many people you would need to commit to such a task? Do you even want to think about it? Probably not, and with that being the case, you might want to look into a pressure washer for your business.

Benefits of a Pressure Washer

  • High Powered – As the name implies, a pressure washer utilizes pressured water to literally blast the dirt, grime, and other buildup from the surface of the plastic. In addition to that, it will actually help to disinfect the surface so long as the washer you are using is able to switch between hot and cold water. Hot water, depending on the temperature will serve to kill bacteria, among other things, making it a valuable tool in your arsenal. Consider using  it on a daily basis.

  • Save Manpower – One of the greatest benefits with a power washer it he ability to save on the manpower that you might have used to individually scrub every single container. Now, with the power washer, you can use one or two employees to simply spray the containers and equipment down – a vast improvement over the norm if we do say so ourselves.

  • Work fast – There is something to be said for getting the job done fast, and with one of our power washers, you can do exactly that. Rather than taking several hours to clean these items you can now expect to do it in mere minutes. This not only saves time, it saves money as your employees can get on to more important tasks throughout the day. Additionally, you don’t have containers out of circulation for hours at a time, and that is definitely worth something.

Advanced Cleaning Systems

Cleaning the equipment has more benefits to it than you may realize at the moment. What do we mean by this exactly? These pressure washing systems will actually help  to eliminate bacteria that might have actually affected your end product. There is nothing quite worse than having a completely contaminated beverage line, which is something that you would discover on your own if you had not acted by purchasing power washer.

The USDA has many regulations in place dictating the cleanliness of any facility that produced food or beverage items. One that you will specifically want to follow is that of releasing harmful particles onto the factory floor and this really comes into play when one is talking about gas vs. electric powered washing units. It is strongly recommended that you always use electric powered washers when you are on the factory floor simply because they run quieter and they do not release any harmful emissions.

These pressure washer systems are designed specifically for the task at hand and you would do well to start taking a look at the different models we have to offer. When you are looking into one of these systems there are a few things that you will need to consider. First of all, does it have enough pressure? Higher pressure systems are better for the tough jobs, and if you’re running a beverage factory then you probably have some pretty nasty jobs to take care of.

Also make sure you assess how long it takes for the heating element to heat the water. The larger the tank the longer you will need to wait, though there are some heating elements that tend to do it a bit faster, it all depends on how efficient they are.

There are many different models you might consider, but in the end you should not settle for the cheapest one, but rather the one that can do the job you need. Remember, if you buy something simply based on price there is a good chance you will face problems down the road – problems that you don’t want to deal with. Make the right choice the first time – you won’t regret it.


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