October 30, 2015

Boat Detailing

125836890_xlBoats are used for many different applications today. They might be fishing boats designed with the barest necessities, or they might be luxury boats that take to the water for extended periods of time and contain all of the comforts of home. No matter which type of boat you decide to use for yourself however, you will find that you need to clean it at some point, and that can present a number of different challenges. Boat maintenance is perhaps one of the most important yet most irritating parts of owning a boat, and with good reason. Marine cleaning equipment will be designed for the successful removal of the grime deposited on the boat in question after exposure to the water. Some of the culprits will include:

  • Salts
  • Minerals
  • Algae
  • Sea Life

The last item on that list seems a bit unlikely, but barnacles can cling to the bottom of your boat and cause problems with drag, or just an aesthetic issue that you will want to take care of. Either way, it is something that you need to work on, or the right equipment will help you to get there. Marine cleaning equipment is definitely the way to go, and it all starts with getting rid of the tough dirt and grime that challenges your aesthetics in ways you might not even have predicted. Remember, failing to keep your boat clean can lead to bigger problems later down the line, so don’t put it off, and don’t allow it to become a serious problem.

Getting Rid of the Grime

One of the biggest problems that we experience with boating, as you probably know by now, is salt. Salt leads to serious corrosion and can cause the boat to malfunction. As you experience this buildup your boat will need to be pressure washed, and finding a good device to do it with can be a game all in itself.

Typical marine cleaning equipment is capable of eliminating salt using pressure levels that go as high as 3000 psi, and they also use higher temperatures to help address the problems that the underside of your boat is sure to face.

The best part about pressure washers, even those that exert water at higher pressures than you might be able to imagine, is that they can change temperatures on the fly and can be used safely on painted surfaces, rubber, metal, and many other surfaces. That being said it is perfect for every surface on your boat whether you are cleaning the decks, the bilges (are beneath the deck), or even the interior cabin. Wherever you need to spray, you can spray in relative comfort, knowing that your investment in your boat is safe. In fact, by using a pressure washer, you are actually improving upon your investment, which is certainly something that you want to do.

Hot Steam / Dry Steam

Marine washing equipment is more than capable of issuing the steam cleaning that your deck needs. Dry steam is one of the most popular cleaning features and it is capable of removing many of the residues that you would find on the interior of your boat. This includes food, grease, dirt, and any others. The trick is to make it a fast and easy process so your boat is ready to hit the water again in no time.

Most importantly, getting rid of potential bacteria in the cabin of your boat is an absolute must. There are certain things that you absolutely cannot get away with while you are on the water, and one of these includes contamination. A contaminated environment on the water, when you are isolated, can lead to a deadly situation, especially if you are not in range of land. Remember, there are no hospitals and it can take a very long time to reach the land. That being said, steam cleaning could literally be a life saver.

From hard surfaces on your boat, all the way to the fabric and upholstery, marine cleaning solutions have your needs well in hand. Now would be a great time to take a look at the available options and make sure that your boat is ready to face the challenges and hazards that will be thrown at it every single day while it is on the open water. Don’t worry, whatever your needs happen to be, we most certainly have a solution for you. It’s time to set sail for a cleaner deck.


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