February 13, 2016

Cleaning Equipment on a Tight Budget for Your Massachusetts Home

Carpet Cleaning MachineThere's simply no way around it: cleaning is an everyday fact of life for anyone and everyone who wants to maintain a sanitary space. It's a sure as death and taxes, and there's no way around it. If you sit down to consider your cleaning habits – methods of sanitizing, what you use, how often you use it – you might be surprised to learn that cleaning products eat up a surprising amount of your budget, and without good reason or strategy. Consider the parent who continues to buy bandaids and ointment to cover their child's (surely) unavoidable scrapes after their rollerblading escapades. Wouldn't their money be better spent if they purchased some knee and elbow pads? It's called preventative maintenance, and in the world of cleaning – it can make all the difference in your budget.

Simply stated, investing in a steam or carpet cleaning machine for use on a semi-regular basis (depending on foot traffic) might save you hundreds of dollars in spot removers, stain removers, and other general maintenance chemicals that rarely do the trick in getting those stains out anyway.

Affordable Steam Cleaners for the Home

Our steam cleaners are well known around the globe and have proven to be essential for use commercially and industrially, but also in the home. Contrary to popular belief, steam cleaners aren't only for professional use – but when you buy the right one for your needs, they can be easy for even the most novice cleaners wishing to sanitize a smaller space. These systems, when put to use in the home, will sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize all in one use – three steps in one. Without a steam cleaner, you'll be sanitizing with a chemical cleaner, disinfecting with a separate cleaner that may or may not be harmful on the material being cleaned, and then you'll just be replacing the odor (likely temporarily) with an odor eater. Our steam cleaners, on the other hand, generate dry vapor with a low moisture content. Additionally, most overlook the use of heat as an effective cleaning agent – our steam cleaners do not. Using heat as a powerful cleaning method, we eliminate or reduce the need for detergents, making the entire process safer and more environmentally friendly.

So, how do you know which one is right for you? At Daimer, we employ experienced professionals who know the right questions to ask in order to steer you in the right direction to determine which steam cleaner is right for you. Even in the home, different answers will likely mean different choices. Do you have a household that has a child or two (or four) under the age of five? If so, you may need something a little different than a household where children have grown up and moved out, leaving the days of unnecessary mud and dirt smears in the past.

Regardless of which option you choose, you'll have the option of conveniently and easily steam cleaning whenever you need to, or as a preventative maintenance.

Affordable Carpet Cleaners for the Home

It's a wonder that carpets last as long as they do, with how much people trek in and out every day. You'll splurge on the nicest carpet, and a plethora of materials to clean it with, but people often overlook having one very important tool in their home cleaning stash: the carpet cleaner.

Our professional grade carpet cleaners work by injecting water into the carpet layers using tools and accessories that aren't available elsewhere. When you combine this innovative technology with a dirt-dissolving cleaning spray, the carpet and dirt bond is sufficiently loosened and the dirt is lifted effortlessly. The result? Consistently cleaner carpets that stay fresh and new much longer than carpets that withstand daily wear and tear without regular routine maintenance or professional cleanings. Like steam cleaners, there are a number of options to choose from, depending on your current situation and mobility preferences: walk behind carpet cleaners, multipurpose carpet cleaners and other types can make it infinitely easier for you to clean upholstery, wall partitions, curtains and of course, your carpet.

We know that your home is of the utmost importance to you, and that sanitation is indeed a priority. This is why Daimer has become the most trusted and popular industry name in creating innovative and powerful cleaning systems that will save you a ton of money in the long run. If you're interested in finding the perfect carpet cleaner for your home, call or check out the web site, where our professionals are happy to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction.

So, rather than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on cleaning materials, disinfectants, odor eaters and other items found on the aisles of your local Target, consider making a one time purchase that'll save you tons of money, time, effort and energy in the years to come.


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