April 15, 2016

Cold vs. Hot Water Pressure Washer

As you browse through various pressure washers on the market, you’re going to reach a point where you need to ask the question – is a cold or hot water pressure washer right for me? In commercial and industrial cleaning situations, the needs are typically more demanding than residential jobs. You need a pressure washer that can remove accumulated residue, dirt, and other substances, and to get the best results, you need industry leading equipment. There are a number of factors that make a hot water pressure washer more effective than a standard cold water blaster, some of which we will explore below.

Industrial Plus Pressure Washer – Heat is Key

Hot Pressure WasherCold water, even without any cleaning solution added, can be a powerful cleaning agent for dirt some other dry substances, but this is mostly where its effectiveness ends. For heavily greased surfaces, chemical substances, or even bio substances, hot water represents a far better cleaning method, especially when a hot water pressure washer is used. Ignoring pressure, hot water is more effective at cleaning because it is able to penetrate grease and oils. When water is heated, it can actually work its way into oily substances because the surface tension is reduced. Consider household cleaning to get an idea of how this works, albeit on a smaller scale. Pouring cold water over an oily dish will achieve nothing. Use hot water, and the oil begins to break down and disperse. The hotter the water is, the more effective the cleaning power. This is the exact same principle as an industrial pressure washer, except the water is much hotter, and in some cases, steam can be used.

Heat is not always enough, which is where pressure comes into the equation. A high pressure machine can use steam to more effectively disperse and break down oil and grime. There’s no manual scrubbing, so there is no abrasion, which can actually protect the surfaces that you are cleaning. The agitation caused by pressure will dislodge built up substances, which is why pressure cleaning is used in a number of key industries.

Examples of Industry leading Hot Water Pressure Washers

To benefit from all of the advantages of a pressure washer that uses hot water, you will need to make use of high quality equipment. For more than a decade at Daimer Industries, we’ve been developing some of the most sought after pressure washers that are available on the market. Known today as an industry leader, you can trust that our machines are not only versatile, but they provide best in class cleaning and competitive pricing.

Some products, like the Super Max range of cleaners, have performed exceptionally well in industrial and commercial situations. Even with an entry model like the Super Max 7000, there are numerous benefits to be gained. This portable unit is heated by propane, with an integrated tank built into the wheeled assembly. Propane heating allows for quick heating of water up to 210°F, which is good for light to moderate cleaning demands. Steam heating is up to 330°F. Pressure is achieved with a high quality NEMA rated motor, which will provide you confidence knowing that the machine will be efficient and long lasting. The motor can build pressure up to 1000PSI, which exceeds most other units in this class.

Of course if you need something that is more powerful, then you can move up the range. From our website it is possible to order Super Max machines up to 4000PSI. Your own needs will determine exactly how high you need to go, and we can provide expert phone or chat based assistance to discuss your unique situation, and the best option for your business.

Do Pressure Steam Washers Make Cold Water Systems Obsolete?

While heated pressure washing provides an advantage in most scenarios, it is important to understand that cold water pressure washing is still the best option in some cases. Working around surfaces and materials that are sensitive to heat could mean that cold water is the best option. For commercial cleaning companies, performing domestic cleaning services could mean that cold water is more economical and more suitable, especially for some basic exterior home cleaning. For versatility, we offer models like the Vapor-Flo 7210, which offers cold and heated pressure washing from a single portable unit. Again, think about your needs first, and find the best product to suit.

Steam Pressure Washers from an Industry Leader

Browse our complete range today, and discover the benefits of purchasing from an industry leader. Not only do we offer a comprehensive range of cleaners, but they’re also competitively priced, and with accessible financing for even small businesses, it has never been easier to find a cold or hot water pressure washer for your commercial and industrial cleaning needs.


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