March 30, 2016

A Custom Made Pressure Washer Specific to your Industry

Daimer Industries offers over 400 industrial pressure washers featuring the most advanced technologies to meet the needs of most industries. However, if your specific industry requires a power washer we don’t already stock, we have the expertise to design a custom made pressure washer that will meet those needs.

Our Experience and Expertise

Custom Made Pressure WashersDaimer Industries has been providing durable, powerful industrial cleaning equipment for over 40 years. We supply customers all over the world with rugged cleaning machines capable of lasting 20 years or more – a testament to our dedication to supplying only the highest quality equipment.

We have our own facilities where we research, design and manufacture custom pressure washers. Our product specialists meet with you to determine your specific needs, and then we work together to create a system that meets those needs in size, efficiency and power. Our goal is to provide you with a pressure washer that gets the job done in as little time as possible, while allowing you to stay well under budget.

Some of the industries we cater to include:

  • Government
  • Food and non-food manufacturing
  • Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining operations
  • Meat and fish processing
  • Humvee cleaning in deserts
  • Transportation
  • Airlines/aircrafts
  • Power plants
  • Petroleum/oil industry (oil wells, oil platform, oil rigs, etc.)
  • Up to 13 or more user configurations

Features to choose from when ordering our Customized Pressure Washers

First and foremost, Daimer Industries only offers the most powerful and efficient machines. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality and most advanced technologies available on the market today. Features and technologies available for inclusion in our customized pressure washers include:

  • 50 or 60hz, single or three phase
  • voltages of 110-120, 208, 220-240, 280, 415, 575, and up to 600 volts
  • pressure levels up to 8000 PSI
  • temperatures up to 330°F
  • flow rates up to 30 GPM
  • special controls, and a myriad of special features as required
  • powerful and reliable electric, gasoline, diesel or propane engines
  • our exclusive Automatic Shut-off technology
  • our exclusive Super-Hot technology for dedicated high-pressure steam
  • tri-mode operation with adjustable capabilities between cold water, hot water and steam functionality
  • water heating options of oil, propane or natural gas

While most other pressure washer manufacturers use cheap, aluminum coils in their machines, we offer standard on all our systems stainless steel coils for the ultimate in lasting durability. You will never find aluminum coils in any of our machines. In fact, we do not advise even considering brands that use aluminum coils. Here at Daimer, we use the most durable carbon steel on the market to ensure our pressure washing systems offer many years of use. Many of our customers can testify to the longevity of our machines.

Even if your specific needs require a system that generates over 10,000,000 BTUs with temperatures up to 330ºF, need to operate in excessive altitudes or temperatures, or require a massive machine weighing over 15,000 pounds or measuring over 200 square feet, we have the capabilities to listen to you, design the perfect system and manufacture it to work flawlessly for your specific requirements.

A Custom Built Pressure Washing Machine is the Best Method of Cleaning

In almost every industry, using a custom built pressure washing machine is the best method of cleaning. The benefits are several.

  • It is cheaper. Often times, using a pressure washer eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. This fact alone decreases the cost of cleaning drastically. In addition, choosing the right engine and heating options allows you to keep operating costs low and stay within budget.
  • It is eco-friendly. Because pressure washers are powerful enough to clean without the addition of chemicals in most cases, they are environmentally friendly.
  • It is easier and safer to use. When windows and walls are hard to get at, using a high-powered pressure washer gives you the ability to reach them without having to climb a ladder. In addition, the end result is often much better.
  • It allows you to clean things normally uncleanable. Think sidewalks, driveways and parking lots here. These areas are often overlooked when it is time to clean, however, they are often the first thing people see when they visit your facility. With a pressure washer, you can get rid of stains, gum deposits and the like quickly and easily.
  • It is a time-saver. Pressure washing rather than scrubbing saves tons of time. What you can clean by hand in an entire day, a pressure washer can do in mere minutes. Why work so hard when you don’t have to?

If you are in need of a custom made pressure washer for your business, call us to discuss the details with one of our expert product specialists. Whatever the complexity of the system, we can offer the best advice, honesty and integrity of any custom pressure washing machine company in the industry today.


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