April 21, 2016

A Custom Pressure Washer for Sale Can Seriously Raise Your Efficiency

Pressure WashersPressure washers are available to power clean, strip, and sanitize any area imaginable. However, having the ability to customize the system to fit your exact specifications is completely unique to the cleaning industry. Our experience extends all the way back to 1974, and has helped us help each unique customer as a custom pressure washing machine company. Having a custom product can raise your efficiency because it can be built to a larger scale than any of the products that are currently on our website or that are available from our competitors. These products can endure the highest or lowest working temperatures, and are rugged enough to withstand all elements to last for years.

Whether you are a professional cleaner, business owner, military contractor, or homeowner, having a custom pressure washer can make regular cleaning jobs into an easier task. Learn more about how a customized pressure washer can completely change your cleaning or sanitizing regimen to give you better results.

Customizing For Your Business

We have employed a full staff of engineers and product designers to create a model that is completely unique for you. We realize that businesses and even homes cannot always accommodate a one size fits all model. Our designated customization factory produces custom designs for multimillion dollar corporations, and has the capacity to take on even the largest demands. All of this technology, experience, and expertise is available for your needs.

Some of our clients have required portable pressure washers for individual users. Others require industrial size water heaters that can instantly turn hot water back to cold. Some are designated for indoor use, others for outdoor use, and some are multifunctional. Some government projects need to be able to defy the blistering desert heat or freezing arctic temperatures. Once you have identified your pressure washing needs, one of our product specialists will work with you from start to finish to create a product that does even more than you expect.

A Brand Business Owners Can Trust

Custom pressure washing equipment can be a huge investment or require enough power for daily use; we have worked with our nation’s top companies, such as Hersey and GE, to provide reliability of service and quality. We have also worked with over 240 countries in the world to build a globally recognized brand. Our products have been used for government use, such as Humvee cleaning overseas, with chemical product companies to prevent excess chemical spread, on oil rigs and plants to control waste overflow, for aircrafts to keep them in pristine shape, during meat and fish operations to prevent the spread of disease, as well as many others that are not just simply restricted to regular cleaning.

Daimer Industries has over 100 years of experience between all of our product specialists, which has brought the brightest minds together to create unique products and build a brand that all types of businesses trust.

Powerful Industrial Cleaning Options for Homeowners

While Daimer Industries caters to industrial and commercial businesses, our products are powerful solutions for homeowners as well. Whether you have children, pets, or large scale homes, there is value in a custom built pressure washer. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you have one of the most powerful cleaning solutions on the market today.

We have found that portable pressure washers are the most effective for homeowners to prevent germs and diseases from building up in their homes. By using the pressure washer on the outside of the house, you can mitigate the effects of mold, grime, and other harmful substances that tend to stay on houses for years to come. If you are redoing an older home or repainting a new one, a pressure washer is a safe way to strip the paint from outside walls. You can also use this pressure washer to make your house more attractive to potential buyers when you eventually plan to sell.

Choosing a Cost Effective Option

Daimer Industries has worked hard to make customized pressure washers available for any budget. Our materials are industrial grade at the highest quality, yet priced to fit your budget and needs. It is important to us that the end result will make your business run more efficiently because of our products, and that it will last for years to come without having to be replaced. This is the value in a custom built pressure washer, rather than simply buying one off the shelf. Our product specialists and designers will work to build you what you need, on a large or small scale.


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