December 17, 2014

Daimer brings you cutting-edge industrial pressure washers for you!

Industrial Pressure WashersIn your search for an industrial pressure washer, what qualities are most important to you? Is it a high pressure power or the ability to clean the toughest dirt and grime off of industrial surfaces? How about a high temperature or the ability to reach high temperatures in a small amount of time? If you place a high amount of emphasis on any of the above qualities, you have come to the right place. Daimer is the leading provider of industrial grade pressure washers, designed to clean and remove the toughest stains and dirt on the market. We offer a range of power configurations, so you can have the ultimate control over your industrial grade pressure washer level. We also offer customized power voltage offerings on all of our models. The mark of an excellent industrial electric pressure washer is the ability to reach an extraordinarily high temperature in a very small amount of time. Chances are, if you are using an industrial pressure washer, you are either in the business of pressure washing as a company or have invested in a pressure washer industrial for a large space that gets dirty often. If either of these apply to you, you need to check out our selection of industrial pressure washers for sale on There should be no question in the brand that you purchase your industrial plus pressure washer from. The only question should be what model you choose; and that is exactly why we are here to help!

Selecting an industrial pressure washer for sale on

You may find it difficult to figure out which model of industrial power washer you should select for your use. With so many different types and models on the mark, feeling overwhelmed is natural for the first time pressure washer buyer. First of all, you will have to select between an electric pressure washer and  gas powered pressure washer, which are the two largest types of pressure washers that are most commonly used. Figuring out which type of industrial pressure washer for sale on you will need is easier than you think. An electric pressure washer is best for lighter cleaning. These are best for residential or car cleaning projects. These types of washers are typically quieter and lighter than most and are easily used by people who do not have a lot of experience with any type of pressure washer. In contrast, a gas powered pressure washer is typically used for larger, more commercial or industrial grade cleanings. Gas powered washers typically give you more power and a higher pressure level than electric pressure washers. These washers are also great for people who do not want to worry about having to plug it into an outlet, because they are cleaning larger spaces or cleaning spaces that may not have an electrical outlet near it. A gas powered pressure washer will have either a pull start or an electrical start depending on the type. So, if you are looking for an industrial pressure washer, your best bet is to choose a gas powered pressure washer.

Now, the next decision you will need to make when it comes to your new industrial pressure washer is whether you would like an industrial hot water pressure washer, or a steam powered one. First of all, Daimer does not offer cold water pressure washers because they do not do as good as a job as hot water pressure washers can, which can reach temperatures of up to 330 degrees. Hot water pressure washers, although they do use a bit more water than a industrial steam pressure washer would, are more than capable of completing heavy-duty, industrial grade tasks. In comparison, steam powered pressure washers use much less water, which can be beneficial for homeowners trying to save money on the water bill. Steam powered pressure washers are great for cleaning grease off of equipment and surfaces. Also, with a steam powered washer, your electric consumption is reduced and you require a smaller electric circuit for your washer. However, with many hot water pressure washers that are larger and of the industrial grade type, you do not need an electrical outlet at all. Instead, you will have a pull start, much like you would on a lawn mower or blower.

Why investing in an industrial pressure washer can help your business 

If you own a business that is susceptible to a high amount of traffic or dirt throughout the day, you can end up spending a lot of money on cleaning and pressure washing every couple weeks to meet sanitation standards. If you aren’t pressure washing frequently and are only using conventional cleaning methods, you may not be upholding federal cleaning regulations for your business! Also, did you know that a clean environment promotes worker productivity? However, by investing in an industrial pressure washer, you are able to save money by having your own equipment for the job. You are also able to lease an industrial pressure washer on if you are not sure you need to purchese one. You will still be saving money because you won’t have to pay a pressure washing company for  labor and their time. By purchasing a pressure washer for your industry’s use, you are investing in your company’s future. In doing so, you are meeting the challenge of having exceptional cleaning standards while also saving money in the long run. 


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