December 17, 2014

Find an amazing car pressure washer for you from Daimer!

Car Pressure WasherThe ability to wash your car with a pressure washer is something that many people do not have. When most people wash their car at home, they would never think about picking up a pressure car washer to wash it. Instead, most people are satisfied with washing their cars with a hose and nozzle. By just washing your car with a regular hose and nozzle, you are spending too much time and energy doing something that could be done much quicker, more efficiently and better! A pressure washer for car has over 37 times the pressure that a regular nozzle and hose has!  Think about it this way: when you want to give your car a really good wash, what do you do? You take it to a car wash. How do commercial car washes wash your car? With pressure washer nozzles! Wouldn’t it be great if you could save money from using a car wash pressure washer, instead having your very own at home? Once you use a high pressure car washer on your car, you will never go back. After your first time using your very own pressure washer for cars, you will be wondering why you never thought of getting one before! The ability for you to wash car with pressure washer is the ability to give your car the best cleaning that is has ever have. By purchasing a pressure washer car wash, you have the ability to make your car shinier and cleaner than it has ever been before! By using the best pressure washer for car cleaning on the market, your car will look brand new before you know it.

Why you should purchase a car detailing pressure washer from Daimer

When you are getting a pressure washer to wash car with, you should not be faced with the task of deciding which brand to purchase your new car pressure washer from. Daimer should be your number one (and only) brand that you purchase from! We are a global leader in industrial, commercial and residential cleaning products and specialize in bringing you exceptional car wash pressure washers. We are also a 100% American owned and operated company. We believe in the creation of our products in America and it is a belief that we have stood by staunchly over the years. However, we ship to over 240 countries across the globe because we believe in the quality and power of our cleaning products. If you are looking for compatible products for overseas or out of country use, we have products and models that will fit your needs, as well. Our patented technology has created the most powerful and rugged pressure washer systems on the market today. We are proud to bring you the best pressure washer for car that you will ever be able to find. We have several different models to fit your specific needs, as well. Our models range in low to high grade, depending on the intensity of the clean you would like and whether or not you will be using the pressure washer for car detailing in a business or for personal use.

How to use a pressure washer for cars

It should be noted, first of all, that a regular pressure washer should not be used to clean cars with. Some high grade pressure washers can end up damaging your car with their high pressure levels. You should purchase a pressure washer for car wash because it is specifically meant to wash and details cars and will give you the perfect amount of water pressure needed to detail your car without damaging it. 

Washing your car with the best car pressure washer on the market for could not be simpler. First of all, you will want to fill your pressure washing car device with a pressure washer car wash soap, rather than water. When you go through a carwash, they don’t just wash your car with hot water, do they? No! They use a mixture of soaps and detergent to get your car looking new and shiny again.

First, you should rinse your car with a regular hose first to prime your car for deep cleaning. This will get the top layer of dirt and grime loosened and ready to be swiped away. Next, fill your pressure washer up with the necessary car wash soap for pressure washer so that it is ready to be used. You must make sure to use an approved soap so that it does not damage your lawn, your car or anything else it may touch. Now, you’re ready to start using the best pressure washer for cars from Daimer. Using smooth strokes, start from the bottom of the car, which is susceptible to the most dirt, and work your way up. Let the solution sit for about five to ten minutes to give it time to activate. Next, loosen up the dirt by using a brush. Finally, rinse your car thoroughly with your best pressure washer for car cleaning from You should rinse under high pressure to get the most benefit from your pressure washer car cleaner. This time, start at the top of your car and work your way downwards until there is no more soap left on the car. Voila! Your car is shiny and new again. 

The process of washing car with pressure washer could not be easier and more effective. There should be no doubt in your mind that you need to purchase the best pressure washer for car cleaning from Daimer! 


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