November 02, 2015


125836880_xlIn every industry it all comes down to conveyor belts. You see them everywhere. It could be part of the primary store, or it could be in a more industrial setting. The one thing that all of these belts seem to have in common, is that they become dirty at some point. Depending upon the industry you might be able to ignore it for a time, but when it comes right down to it, you need to make sure that the conveyor belt in question is properly set up, clean, and running. Working conditions can be dusty, products can create debris, and moving parts tend to run into problems no matter how you look at it. That being said, maximum efficiency is critical and eventually, you’ll need to break out the cleaning equipment – perhaps even at the end of each shift.

As you know, there are mandatory industry cleaning regulations that need to be followed, and the best cleaning equipment on the market can help you to meet those regulations properly. There are some serious challenges when it comes to keeping a conveyor belt clean, and we all know that some of the substances which can accumulate on the belt are forces to be reckoned with. For this reason, you have quite a bit of work ahead of you – work that needs to be mitigated.

The problem with cleaning of course is that it takes time, and that is time in which your conveyor belts need to be shut down, and your employees need to be cleaning. In that instance you are not making money. You see, if your belts are shut down and if your employees are tasked with performing the cleaning, then there is a good chance that no product is moving – at least at that line. You need the job to be done, and you need it to be done quickly, there is just no other way around it. That being said, it’s all about speed while complying with the federal regulations.

Cleaning in the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is a bit different from any other. Instead of moving solid objects, the conveyor belts are moving a combination of solid and liquid, meaning the cleaning methods will have to be a bit varied. There is always a chance for spillage, and in the case of glass bottles, one could also experience broken glass on the conveyor belt which poses a serious safety hazard for anyone on the line. Another common hazard is the potential for sugar based drinks to spill onto the belt, causing the machine components to become sticky and therefore unresponsive. In the end, it is going to be much faster and easier to simply stop the machine and move forward with cleaning than it would be to leave the spill unattended. Still, ordinary cleaning methods just aren’t going to fit the bill here.

Finding a Way to Clean even the Nastiest Spills

In the past, hot water and caustic chemicals have been applied to the situation to expedite the cleaning of the conveyor belts, but this often results in chemical residues sticking to the conveyor belt. Even worse, it might contaminate the beverages being transported along the belt which could potentially lead to illness or death among the customers. This  type of careless application could even cause the eventual shutdown of a company, which is not something you want to be the catalyst for. In addition to creating a potential mechanical hazard, you will also find that a great deal of water is spilled, and it can take some time for the conveyor belt to dry. To put it lightly, a plethora of problems is created, all of which will serve to slow down production.

The Solution

The solution you need is one that can spray and clean the area while minimizing the amount of water used in the process. With the proper cleaning equipment you can remove the mess quickly with very little effort, putting the conveyor belt back into service relatively quickly.

To summarize, the proper cleaning of conveyor belts in an industrial environment can:

  • Eliminate Spills from the Conveyor Belt

  • Clean Using Less Water

  • Eliminate Chemical Buildup

  • Keep Beverages Uncontaminated

  • Get your Belts Moving Again

These units are used in far more than just factories, as you probably imagine. They are also used in grocery stores, meat stores, shopping malls, and any other location that utilizes a conveyor belt to move food. The size of the belt doesn’t matter – just the application.

The most important part of a beverage conveyor belt cleaner is that they do not emit any type of fumes, which was another safety hazard concern with the typical pressure washer. The Vapor-Flo 8818 is a great example of a mobile pressure washer capable of reaching all areas of the factory or restaurant and administering the cleaning services you need. It features an impressive 2030 PSU and a 440v three phase. These can be pricey, but definitely worth the trouble. 


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