June 04, 2016

Hot Steam Pressure Washers for the Healthcare Industry

Hot Steam Pressure Washers for Healthcare IndustryHaving both safe and clean environments in any healthcare setting is of critical importance. When considering which hot steam pressure washer for healthcare industries, having an industrial designed system should be a top priority. The pressure washer will likely go through many hours of use and you want to ensure that the machine is built to last the test of father time. 

Daimer is a global leader in the manufacturing of both industrial and commercial hot steam pressure washers. This makes Daimer a perfect vendor for your healthcare establishment as our products are proven to yield the sort of results one would expect in the healthcare industry. You shoulnd't have to worry about sterilization after using any product and this is why many have turned to Daimer Industries for their sterlization needs via hot steam pressure washers. 

Daimer Industries - Hot Pressure Washer Sterilization

Daimer Industries didn't invent steam, we perfected its use. When both steam and pressure is applied to germs, spores, and other organisms you do not want living in your healthcare setting; the result is nothing short of favorable. Elimination of these organisms. With heat in excess of 300 degrees Farenheit, you can be sure any living organism that you do not wish around will no longer be there after treatment. 

Couple this high heat along with up to 3500PSI and you have a combination built to deliver results. Sterilization of nearly any environment in a healthcare setting. While some companies may not invest in nozzle research, Daimer Industries is at the forefront of engineering nozzles built to deliver high PSI's while maintaining durablity & reliability. 

Gone are the days of using dangerous chemicals which can injure those who are utilizing them or waiting for the chemicals to "do their job". Steam is not as dangerous as these harsh cleaning supplies which can reduce the amount of injuries. 

Portable Hot Steam Cleaners for Healthcare

Perhaps you need a unit that is easy to take on the go. Our portable line of hot steam cleaners are picking up steam in the healthcare industry. In a fast paced industry like healthcare, easy solutions are required to make sure that sanitation can occur in a timely manner.

Daimer Industries offers a large array of different product options which are dependent upon the overall usage and goals of the unit. Whether you need a small nimble unit to get into tight spaces or a larger unit to handle a large surface area, we have the products you need to get the job done. 

The larger units can be ran off of typical fossil fuels such as diesel, kerosense, and even heating oil. The larger industrial type products we offer are fantastic for emergency cleanups where time is of the essence and a smaller unit wouldn't suffice. Most of our larger industrial sized units are extremely durable and can be put on a industrial trolley for easy movement around your healthcare facility. 

Sterilizing Healthcare Equipment with a Hot Steam Pressure Washer

Daimer Industries offer many different types of hot pressure washers that utilize steam for sterilization. However, many of our clients have a need for industrial grade stationary cleaners. These stationary cleaners typically need to be in a fixed locations where staff members can easily clean & sterilize equipment. These units are not powered by fossil fuels like diesel, kerosene, etc. Many in the healthcare industry are unaware, but harsh chemicals are no longer needed to clean equipment. Steam is an effective remedy to degrease equipment. Gone are the days of using old-fashioned chemicals. The cost of operating these machines are also advantageous as all you need is water! You will also be glad to know that motors are built to NEMA specifications which means that they are at the top of the industry when it comes to performance and durability.

Need to clean a machine without the use of hot water? The good news is that these units have options to use either cold or hot water to clean! 

The Best Commercial Hot Steam Pressure Washer by Daimer

Whether you own a large hospital or a smaller assisted living facility, Daimer Industries has created numerous products which are built to last, sterilize your areas of need, all at competitive prices. Did you know Daimer also offers lease to own programs? These programs are offered on most of the products being offered on our website. Call to inquire further about this unique program. 

Work with the leader in commercial and industrial cleaning solutions for the healthcare industry, by choosing Daimer Industries.


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