January 11, 2016

How a Dry Ice Blasting Machine Works and Why It’s a Better Option for Industrial Cleaning

From food service cleaning to industrial equipment maintenance, there are many different types of machines and tools used to tackle these tough tasks. Water blasting, steam cleaning and sand blasting are all good ways both commercial and industrial companies use to clean their property and equipment. These days, however, there’s an even better way to get the job done. Using a dry ice blasting machine works better in many instances, does so more safely than other types of machines and costs less to operate. Let’s take a look at what dry ice blasting is, how it works and why it’s catching on as a better alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

How a Dry Ice Machine Works

A dry ice machine works on the same principle as a sandblaster. However, instead of shooting sand particles out of a nozzle with pressurized air, the ice blaster forces tiny dry ice pellets out under pressure instead. When these particles of dry ice hit the surface they are cleaning, they cause the top layer of coating to shrink, which creates cracks in the surface layer. The pellets then come in contact with the warmer surface below and absorb the heat. This heat absorption causes the pellets of dry ice to turn back into carbon dioxide gas, which expands, causing the outer coating to loosen and break free.

Many types of materials can be removed using an ice blasting machine. A few are listed below.

  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Adhesives
  • Asphalt
  • Decals
  • Paint
  • Tar
  • Ink
  • Soot
  • Dirt
  • Resins

A High-Performance Sand Blaster Alternative

Ice blasting is a great sand blaster alternative because it is non-abrasive. Because the dry ice particles turn back into a gas instantaneously upon impact, the cleaning method causes no damage to the hard surface being blasted. This fact alone makes ice blasting machines usable for more industrial and commercial cleaning applications than sand blasting. In many cases where sand blasting or ice blasting could be used, ice blasting provides a better result faster.

An Ice Blast Machine replaces Water and Steam Blasting, too

In addition to being an alternative to sand blasting, an ice blast machine can also replace water and steam blasting in many applications. Ice blasting is better because:

  • You don’t have to wait for electrical parts and generators to dry out before using them again.
  • Removing radioactive and other contaminated materials does not require large containers to remove contaminated water.
  • Mold and mildew remove is more complete because there is no moisture left behind.
  • Cleaning boat hulls is quicker and more complete because ice blasting discourages algae, sea slime and mussels from reattaching.

An Eco-Friendly Blaster that doesn’t use Damaging Cleaning Chemicals

An ice machine is a very eco-friendly blaster that does not need environmentally damaging chemicals to get the job done. It is safer for the environment and safer for the user. Another great advantage in this department is the cost savings of not having to purchase the expensive cleaning media other machines require.

Daimer introduces an even Better Alternative

Throughout this article we’ve discussed the benefits of dry ice blasting. While we don’t deny the advantages, we’re introducing an alternative that’s just as efficient and effective at a variety of cleaning applications, and in many instances, even better. The Coulson Ice Blast C-31M is an ice blasting machine unlike any other you’ve seen before.

How the Coulson Ice Blast C-31M Differs from other Ice Blast Machines

The biggest difference between the Coulson C-31M and other ice blast machines is that it uses real ice instead of dry ice to blast away grime from hard surfaces. Real crystalline water is forced with high-pressure air through the nozzle. No extra cleaning media or dry ice is required with this machine, making it an even safer alternative for the user and the environment than any other blasting machine on the market.

The C-31M reduces operating costs, creates a safer work environment, reduces water consumption and is excellent for use in a variety of industrial and commercial cleaning applications.

Coulson Ice Blast C-31M Specifications

The Coulson Ice Blast C-31M is a powerful blaster designed to replace sand, water and steam blasting machines very efficiently. This machine uses just 33 gallons of water per hour, with an air consumption of 149 CFM. The Ice Blast C-31M has a blast pressure range of 60 to 200 PSI through a ¼-inch diameter nozzle. This electric-powered blaster warms up in just 70 seconds and includes a 200-foot ice hose to make reaching cleaning sites easy.

What makes the Coulson Ice Blast C-31M so amazing is the fact that it produces a whopping 270 pounds of ice per hour. The ice pellets are roughly the size and shape of dry, white rice. Reaching ice temperatures of -10ºF, you can easily clean 50 to 100 square feet per hour. The C-31M requires minimal routine maintenance and comes with a 5-year, 5000 hour warranty.

When keeping your industrial and commercial work spaces and equipment clean is important, having a machine that can handle a variety of tasks is important, too. Having one that is eco-friendly and cost effective is even better yet. Check out the Coulson Ice Blast C-31M, available exclusively on our website only, and give us a call to find out just how essential this machine is to the success of your business. 


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