Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washers

Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washers
25 Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washers
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Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washers

Wet Sandblasting Technique and Features of Daimer's Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washers

Cleaning workers in construction settings often need to eliminate rust, paint, and heavy deposits from different surfaces, such as metals. The removal of these materials is possible with a technique known as sandblasting, which is basically the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface.

There are many sandblasting methods, but wet sandblasting is a safe alternative to other sandblasting techniques like compressed air sandblasting that requires users to wear protective clothing and breathing protection. Daimer®, which is the most reputed supplier of cleaning systems, offers wet sandblasting machines that are powerful, versatile, and rugged. The machines used for the purpose are generally pressure cleaner systems.

Daimer®'s pressure wash systems in the sandblaster machines' category are available in heated and non-heated versions. The heated pressure washing machines can create temperatures up to 330ºF, which is the industry's highest temperature, whereas the non-heated ones can optionally support hot water temperatures up to 180°F. However, for wet sandblasting, the pressure washers need to be operated in cold water mode.

General Features of a Wet Sandblasting Equipment

1) Wet sandblaster pressure washers, such as the Super Max™ 8790 WS from Daimer®, are ultra powerful and highly portable, as these machines are powered by heavy-duty motors and are easily truck mountable.
2) The sandblasting machines can generate pressures up to 6500 psi at flow rates of up to 8 gpm.
3) The sandblasting machines are available with different powering methods, such as electricity and gasoline. Gas-powered wet sandblaster pressure washer systems are used in areas where an electricity supply is not easily available.
4) Some of the sandblasting equipment come with an optional two gun operation that allows two users to operate the same machine simultaneously. Machines with three remote stations are also available, allowing up to three users to simultaneously use the machine.
5) The power pressure washer systems are versatile, as they are compatible with a range of sand grit sizes and media, like baking soda and small plastic pellets.

How Do These Wet Sandblasting Equipment Work?

The wet sandblaster pressure washers from Daimer® come with a wet sandblasting kit. Such a pressure cleaner includes a special venturi head, 15' flexible pickup tube, and metal sand point. The sand point draws the sand grits directly from the container into the tube that extracts the sand into the head, where it gets mixed with water. The mixture is then ejected via a special round nozzle at high speeds to actually eliminate a layer off the surface. The flow of sand or water through the head is adjusted with a proportioning valve.

All of Daimer®'s wet sandblaster machines include a 1 1/2" width spray pattern, best for the spot removal of rust, corrosion, and other materials from metal surfaces.

All of the above features extend Daimer®'s pressure wash systems' capabilities beyond normal pressure washing. The machines can be easily configured to meet your requirements.

Wet Sandblasting Pressure Washers
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