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Pressure Washer Sandblasters
25 Pressure Washer Sandblasters
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Discover Daimer's Wet Sandblast Pressure Washers

Cleaning workers in construction settings often need to eliminate rust, paint, and heavy deposits from different surfaces, such as metals. The removal of these materials is possible with sandblasting, which is basically the act of propelling very fine bits of material at a high velocity to clean or etch a surface.

There are many sandblasting methods, but wet sandblasting is safer than alternatives like compressed air sandblasting, the latter of which requires users to wear protective clothing and breathing equipment. With Daimer’s wet sandblaster pressure washers, operators and their fellow maintenance crewmembers will benefit from a rugged, dependable system built with versatility and performance in mind. Backed by our best-in-class customer support, you’ll experience a streamlined, more effective cleaning experience long after your order arrives.

Pressure Washer Sandblaster Features

  1. Heated and Non-Heated Support

    Our wet sandblasting systems are available in heated and non-heated versions. While sandblasting work needs to be performed in cold water mode, having that flexibility and baked-in heating support makes this system ideal for other use cases. This is a more economical option for those times when you don’t need to perform wet sandblasting work specifically. 
  2. Powerful and Portable

    Some of our wet sandblast pressure washers are not only built to perform heavy-duty cleanings but are also highly portable. Depending on the model you choose, it may feature built-in truck mounting capabilities for easy storage and transport between sites, making it a great option for our industrial customers.
  3. Various Power and Pressure Configurations

    Daimer offers a wide range of solutions when it comes to wet sandblasting pressure washers. They can generate up to 6500 PSI at flow rates of up to 8 GPM. These sandblasting machines are also available with different powering methods, such as electricity and gasoline. Gas-powered wet sandblaster pressure washer systems are used in areas where an electricity supply is not easily available and designed for outdoor applications. Regardless of your choice, your system will be compatible with a range of sand grit sizes and media 
  4. Multi-User Operation

    Some of our sandblasting equipment comes with an optional two-gun setup that allows, as the term implies, for two users to operate the same machine simultaneously. There are even three-user setups available, meaning you can deliver a deeper, more powerful clean faster and with far greater efficiency.

The Daimer Difference

  • A trusted provider of wet sandblasting pressure washer systems
  • Capable, powerful equipment rigorously tested and built to last
  • Years of experience in serving customers around the globe

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Daimer wet sandblasting pressure washers work?

Our wet sandblaster pressure washers come with a purpose-built kit. This includes a special venturi head, 15-foot flexible pickup tube, and a metal sand point. The sand point draws the sand grits directly from the container into the tube that extracts the sand into the head, where it gets mixed with water. The mixture is then ejected via a special round nozzle at high speeds to clear surface layers. The flow of sand or water through the head is adjusted with a proportioning valve. All our wet sandblaster machines include a 1-½-inch-width spray pattern, ideal for the spot removal of rust, corrosion, and other materials from metal surfaces.

What other types of pressure washers are available?

In addition to high-powered wet sandblasting pressure washing equipment, Daimer offers a variety of configurations for industrial and commercial customers. These include everything from wet steam variations to heated electric models and more. For further details, consult our buyer’s guide for pressure washers to make an ideal choice for your business.

What if I can’t decide on a pressure washer?

It can be difficult to narrow your choices when we offer so many ideally suited to a variety of businesses. If you’re struggling to figure out how much heat, pressure, water capacity or otherwise you need, our team is happy to help you make a well-informed decision with the ideal balance of value and performance. Reach out to us today to discuss your application and intended use case, and we’ll assist you with selecting an appropriate model.

Why is it better to use a wet sandblast pressure washer than standard sandblasting?

Not only do you need to invest in extra protective eyewear and clothing this way, but you’ll also be able to clean areas without exposing yourself to ultra-fine particulates that could be ingested or irritate the operator. Water-based sandblasting affords the ability to work in a dust-free environment as the moisture causes sand and other particulates to immediately fall to the ground, so you won’t be blowing it around everywhere. This is also an eco-friendlier approach as it keeps the air clearer and cleaner.

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