May 10, 2016

How an Eco-Friendly Blaster Can Help Your Bottom Line

The environment is very important now more than ever to many people. People are beginning to use dangerous chemicals less and less now in order to help protect the environment. When it comes to heavy duty industrial cleaning, it can be hard to find a solution that fits your bottom line. How can you be eco-friendly and still get the job done right?

Our ice blast machine is the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to your cleaning needs. This machine is friendly towards the environment and is safer to use than other industrial cleaning machines. Why use an ice blaster that used CO2 to clean when you can just use fresh, clean water to do the job for you?

Why Use an Ice Blast Machine?

Ice Blast MachinePressure washing on any industrial scale requires a lot of power. You need to get your equipment or dangerous chemicals washed from a surface immediately, but you want to do it in a safe fashion. The ice blast machine is the perfect answer since it blasts ice pellets at a high velocity in order to clean the surface. Not to mention it’s an eco-friendly blaster to boot, so you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals to clean your equipment.

Pressure washing is great for industrial scale cleaning since it’s quick and efficient. We understand the need for a safer working environment and how it can be hard to meet that demand. This cleaning machine will not only do the job right, but you don’t have to use CO2 to do the cleaning. You just use pure, crystalline water for the cleaning applications you need.

Why is it Better to Use Clean Water?

People often ask us why crystalline water to clean instead of CO2. Water is one of the most powerful sources on the face of the planet. Why not use it to clean too? Our Ice Blast C-31M allows for effective non-abrasive blasting to remove, clean, and rinse without a high water consumption. There are many pressure washers out there that consume huge amounts of water to clean one area. While water is a renewable source, using huge quantities of it to clean is not very cost effective.

We understand the cleaning challenges our customers face when it comes to toxic chemicals and high water consumption. We also know how dangerous dry ice can be too. Dry ice is often used in this type of cleaning process, but it’s very dangerous. Not to mention how expensive it is to use dry ice as a cleaning solution.

Cleaner, Better, Cheaper

Water is already a powerful medium for cleaning, why not use it for industrial applications? It’s much safer to use water to clean industrial surfaces instead of dry ice. You don’t have to use abrasive or toxic chemicals in order to get the job done. Our revolutionary cleaning machine solves the most difficult challenges our customers have come to face.

Our C-31M is the best cleaning machine for non-abrasive cleaning. We understand in an industrial setting; you can’t afford to have an abrasive cleaning your equipment. There are times you need a strong pressure washer to do the job, but you need the right combination. Our Ice Blast C-31M has the power to back up its name to conquer any cleaning job you put to it too.

The water is non-toxic, clear, and cost effective too. Why pay unnecessary cleaning expenses when you can have everything you need in one machine? Water is a perfectly reliable cleaning media, and people use it daily to clean all the time.

When you need more cleaning power you can also boost the media blasting of your machine too. Sand can be added to the stream of ice for cleaning applications that require a stronger cleaning solution. Ice blast work is designed to contain and prevent aerosolization that can occur with traditional media blasting.

Here at Daimer Industries, we believe our customers deserve the best in the cleaning industry. We have been the leaders in cleaning technology for quite a few years now. Our innovative technology has helped many of our customers to get their cleaning jobs done right the first time. Why should you have to waste time doing a cleaning job that could go by easier and faster with a top of the line cleaning machine?

We are always more than happy to hear from our customers too. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any of our products.


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