March 18, 2015

How to Wash Your Car Using a Car Pressure Washer

Car Pressure WashersWashing your car has never been an easy job. No matter whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it requires a lot of effort and labor to wash your car thoroughly. Any moving vehicle gets dirty easily as it catches a lot of grime, grease and dirt. However, using a car pressure washer is one of the most effective ways to keep your car properly cleaned.

Since these machines use less water than a hose pipe, they also help you live a greener life. While it's true that cleaning your vehicle becomes easier with the help of a pressure washer for car, you must be able to choose the right equipment and follow the right method of cleaning. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your car, instead of cleaning it properly.

What Features Should You Look for while Buying a Car Pressure Washer?

Since there are different types of pressure washers available in the market, you need to look for certain features while buying one. Here are certain features that an advanced pressure washer for cars must have -

  • Make sure the equipment you're going to buy has variable jet nozzle settings. This helps you clean different parts of the car easily and safely without causing any damage to any part.

  • Consider buying a pressure washer with a long hose. This ensures you don't have to move the equipment around the car. Also, check out if the machine comes with in-built wheels so that you can move it around without any difficulty, if needed.
  • Try to get hold of a pressure washer that comes with an attachable foamer bottle. This is important as it's easier to use these bottles than a container that you have to separately carry along with you.

  • While buying a car pressure washer, you should look for a model with a nozzle attachment. This allows you to change the direction of spray as per your requirement. For instance, you can angle the nozzle upwards while cleaning the inside of the wheel arches.

Methods You Need to Follow while Washing Car with Pressure Washer

Washing your car with the help of a pressure washer is way different than hand washing or washing it with a low-pressure hosepipe. This is why you need to follow some specific methods, as mentioned below:

·       At first, rinse off the topmost layer of grime and dirt. While looking for a pressure washer for car, try to get one with an adjustable jet spray. Place the nozzle to a spray of around two to three inches wide. This should be set in a way so that it's strong enough to remove all the dirt without damaging the paintwork of the car.  While cleaning the lights, windows and other fragile areas, use less powerful and a slightly wider setting.

·       You can get special car wash soap for pressure washer in the market. Apply this soap and foam cleaner and coat the entire car with a layer of cleaner. While doing this, keep the pressure washer nozzle in its least powerful and widest mode. Let the cleaner remain on the car for a few moments as it will help loosen the dirt from the surface of the car. Make sure the detergent doesn't get dried or else, it may lead to blemishes.

·       There must be an attachable car brush using which you can loosen the most stubborn grease and dirt. You can also use the same brush for cleaning the wheel arches, the paintwork and the wheels. Consider cleaning the wheels at last. This is because the brush may pick up a lot of grit and small stones from the wheels. If these remain stuck to the brush, it will surely damage the paintwork of the car, while you rub it against the body of the car. Make it a point to rinse the brush thoroughly once you're done with the cleaning process so that all the dirt is removed.

·       While rinsing off the car, keep the nozzle spray at a high pressure jet setting. When cleaning the glass areas, keep the pressure slightly lower. If you are using an equipment that doesn't feature an adjustable nozzle, consider standing further away from the car. Usually, it's advisable to stand at a minimum distance of 3 feet.

Just like there are certain methods that you need to follow while washing a car using high pressure washers for car, there are also certain steps that you should steer clear from. For instance, don't use an extremely pointed nozzle attachment that comes as an accessory along with the pressure washer. This may turn out to be extra powerful for the delicate parts of your car. It may also damage the paintwork. It’s advisable to never point the spray on the car for a long period of time.

Buying Commercial Pressure Washers for Car

When you are out to select the best pressure washer for car, especially for commercial purposes, you will have a lot of choices. To begin with, you can check steam pressure washers, where some of the top models can reach maximum wet steam temperatures of 330°F. In case you need to clean the toughest of dirt and grease buildup, these pressure washers for car with high steam temperatures can do the job quickly and effortlessly. You may also check hot and cold water pressure washing systems and compare their features and prices.

Since you can use commercial car pressure washers for different car detailing applications such as removing tree sap, oil marks, dirt, brake dust, bugs from the exteriors etc, apart from cleaning the wheels, engines, tires and more, you need to select the one that best suits your purpose.

We offer the best pressure washers for cars with the convenience of a range of flow rates, pressure levels, power options and variable temperature settings. So, browse our store to take your pick or reach our experts to get help regarding making the right choice.


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