April 25, 2016

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Carpet CleanersDaimer Industries brings quality, American made cleaning products to businesses all over the United States and to over 240 countries worldwide. This type of global recognition is due to their dedicated team of product specialists, engineers, attentive call center employees, and product development team, that bring customer service back to the forefront. Our clients encompass all industries, such as theme parks, car rental agencies, auto dealerships, manufacturing companies, technology leaders, real estate agencies and many, many more. The need for a clean office reaches across all sectors of business, as it keeps employees safe from germs and also helps to project the most professional image of your company possible. Read more about some of our most well-known product lines, and then visit the Daimer online store to order your cleaning system today.

Carpet Cleaning Products

Cleaning stains out of carpets is certainly easier than wiping up spills from a hardwood floor. Stains can end up being costly for your business is left untreated for too long, especially with light colored carpets. Carpet cleaners draw the liquid or material out of the stain, especially when treated with Daimer Eco Friendly Carpet Care. Our line of XTreme Power carpet cleaners can be used in residential properties, commercial properties, and even for large sized industrial buildings. Our industrial grade carpet cleaners allow customers to walk behind the machine while moving it forward on wheels. This allows for easy maneuverability in high traffic areas and the ability to move the machine from one end of the building to the other.

Click here to check out our carpet cleaning products.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are commonly used for high intensity cleaning of walls, stripping of paint, and sanitization of surfaces. The water comes out of the hose at such an intense amount of pounds per square inch, with so much force and at such a high temperature that germs, dust, dirt, and grime, do not stand a chance of surviving. Many hospitals and facilities that host many different people per day from all over the world require pressure washers to prevent the spreading of common diseases. Click here to view our selection of pressure washers and speak with a product specialist to choose the model that best fits your business’ size.

If you are finding that the products we offer are not large enough to fit your facility’s industrial-size needs, we have the option of creating a custom pressure washer package. Our facility hosts production engineers and developers that will work with your floor plans to build hot water heating systems, industrial steam cleaners, systems with multiple downstream chemical feed technology, and will incorporate any other feature that you have not been able to find in traditional pressure washing models. This unique service is offered exclusively by Daimer Industries, with hundreds of subject matter experts at your disposal during the creation process.

Tile Cleaners

Tile cleaners are necessary for most established businesses who maintain a professional image to the public. The grout between tile can become filled with grime and dirt over the years and is nearly impossible to get out by hand. Our line of lightweight KleenJet products are small enough for any employee to use, but powerful enough to make tile cleaning an integrated step in your cleaning routine. Our XTreme Power tile and grout cleaning line has a 19 inch spinning head with rotation speeds of up to 1000 revolutions per minute and a water pressure level of 1500 psi; this extreme amount of force means more surface covered in less time. The acoustic housing of the system was specially engineered to be quieter than other tile cleaners on the market, so noise pollution does not affect other workers during cleaning periods.

Click here to check out our KleenJet products for tile and grout cleaning.

Gum Cleaners

Gum is one of the most common culprits for ruining sidewalk facades and entryways. Our top clients such as Disney, Marriott, and Mercedes Benz all encounter gum on a daily basis, and its sticky nature can be a huge set back. Gum can look highly unprofessional, and requires a different process to get out than sanitizing a building, wall, or floor. We offer specialized KleenJet GUM-EXTERMINATOR vapor steam based machines that are powerful enough to remove the gum quickly, but with models gentle enough to be used inside. Our larger Supreme, Ultra and Super Max models are specifically built to remove gum from large areas without taking the entire day. The advantage of using steam is having the gum actually extracted from the surface rather than just being scraped or peeled off, which can end up discoloring the wall as it ages.

All Products Available Online

To view photos and to speak one on one with a product specialist about a particular product, make sure you visit our website at www.daimer.com.


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