July 07, 2015

Dried on gum is no match for the KleenJet Gum Exterminator Supreme 3000CVPG

KleenJet Gum Exterminator Supreme 3000CVPGHave you ever gone somewhere for a meeting that you were unfamiliar with? One of the worst feelings is sitting at a table in an unfamiliar place and accidentally touching a gum laden underside of the table. Or having to pick up a pen you dropped just to gaze under the table and see what seems to be a maze of chewing gum. Of course these are extreme examples, but we have all been in the unpleasant situation of touching some foreign object on the underside of a table.

Years ago, it was not rare for school children to serve afternoon detention to be punished with the task of scraping the gum from under classroom desks and chairs. If you were ever one of those children then we’re sure that is a task you’ve never forgotten. Now, if you’ve ever had to be responsible for cleaning the chewing gum from under the table then you know how difficult it can be. With the KleenJet Gum Exterminator Supreme 3000CVPG - ATIS® Chewing Gum Removal Machine you can be sure that the task of removing chewing gum from any surface is simpler than ever before.

Customized to be one of the most powerful commercial stem vacuum cleaning systems on the market, this equipment comes with all of the bells and whistles necessary for effective and higher quality cleaning.  It is no surprise that many schools and places of business request for individuals to refrain from chewing gum since there are so many individuals who exhibit the inability to dispose of their gum properly. However, there are quite a few places besides the undersides of tables and chairs that are plagued with ill-discarded chewing gum, including sidewalks, fronts of buildings, trees, handrails, door frames and especially carpeting. No matter what surface you need to remove chewing gum from, having a quality cleaning machine is imperative to successful removal.

Shop the best gum removal machine on the market

When shopping around for the best gum removal machine, there are a few things you should keep in mind. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a piece of equipment that made the task more difficult than needed. Some people may believe that using a hot water pressure washer or even a carpet cleaner may be the best option, however, a steam cleaner such as the KleenJet Gum-Exterminator Supreme 3000CVPG, would be the best method for removing chewing gum. Here are a few tips for choosing the best commercial gum removal equipment for your business.

One of the first qualities that you should look for when choosing your gum removal machine is high temperature possibilities. Secondly, notice the extraction capabilities. And, finally, find out if the machine has anti-bacterial technology with a HEPA filter to 3 microns, which is extra protection against allergens.

Now let’s compare all of those qualities to our 3000CVPG. It’s a high-power, commercial steam vacuum cleaning machine that puts out steam temperatures as great as 364°F. That meets the description of the first quality you should be looking for. The second quality is extraction capabilities. With the wet vacuum cleaner extraction capabilities are amazing. It extracts moisture while cleaning that truly helps eliminate the need for towels that are normally required with conventional steam cleaners that do not include extraction capabilities. And the third quality is the icing on the cake.

The KleenJet® Gum-Exterminator® Supreme 3000CVPG is one of the most powerful anti-bacterial and self-regulating continuous refill commercial steam vacuum cleaners in our line. It features patent pending ATIS® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization) technology and is independently certified to kill disease-causing pathogens and bacteria, through the use of the ATIS® device that’s in the boiler. We know this to be true because in tests managed by a self-governing lab, ATIS® steam cleaners produced a kill rate of 99.999% against MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. That’s why we have the 3000CVGP label show an EPA number.

Gum vs. Gum Exterminator®

With the dry vacuum cleaner you will have the ability to extract everything from pollen and pet hair to dust mites and bed bugs as well as any other allergens on hard floors, carpeting, mattresses and quite a few other surfaces. With this feature you still have ease of disposal because every unwanted and foreign object is extracted into the water for easy disposal. Lastly, there’s the air purification system that makes the environment you’re cleaning more fresh than it was before. (All of our vapor steam vacuum cleaner systems now include these technologies as well.)

This cleaner has a 5-liter, stainless steel boiler, pressure levels as high as 115 psi, and includes a continuous refill system as well as nonstop steam for superior cleaning power. We believe in the durability and capability of the 3000CVGP that’s why it includes a lifetime boiler warranty, a one (1) year system warranty on parts, and labor and three (3) years on parts.

Regardless of all the gum-tainted surfaces you encounter you can rest assured that they are no match for this amazing cleaning machine. The KleenJet Supreme 3000CVGP will melt the gum and remove the gum residue.

When a company, facility or organization contracts you to specifically take care of the stuck on gum problem they’re dealing with you can confidently take the job knowing you have a machine that can cut through that nasty debris like a hot knife cuts through butter. Your customer will be amazed at the good-as-new appearance of the surface that was affected and you’ll walk away satisfied that you invested in one of the most powerful cleaning machines on the market.


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