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Exercise Fitness Equipment Cleaning
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Does Your Hi-Tech Gym Have the Best Cleaning Equipment?

Equipping a gym with the latest in treadmills, cardio, and other types of fitness equipment is great news, but are you equally careful about the quality of sanitation? Gym users are often concerned about the sanitation levels in their gyms, and with the use of right cleaning methods, you should be able to assure them of perfect hygiene and disease-free environment.

Dirty workout equipment is an eyesore, as it puts off members from using them, leads to complaints and fines, and also leads to deterioration in the functioning of the machinery itself.

Most of the grime on gym equipment consists of oil, dirt, and minerals in sweat. They can interfere with the equipment's functioning, such as by misleading the monitors for tracking heartbeat and also by corroding the machinery.

Why Workout Cleaning Used To Be a Challenge?

Regular methods of cleaning gym equipment, which include spray and wipe, are time consuming. Busy staff may just give the equipment a quick wipe down, which does not always ensure complete cleanliness. Even if the machinery appears clean, it might still harbor dirt and germs.

Chemicals may remove the surface level dirt, but are unable to eliminate disease causing mold and germs. Moreover, fumes from these chemicals are harmful to users. Plastic surfaces are also very vulnerable to some of these chemicals, besides metal surfaces, which are prone to rusting.

Why Use Steam Cleaners?

To take care of these problems once and for all, it is recommended that you use a fitness equipment cleaning machine based on dry steam. This type of fitness equipment cleaner uses steam with only 5 percent water for cleaning varied surfaces in gyms, from fitness equipment to mats, benches, and even lockers and other surfaces in changing rooms. They can be used for cleaning the spa region and also for removing dirt from pool chairs.

Reduce Chemical Use

Fitness sports equipment cleaners offer the benefit of chemical-free cleaning. By using these high-end cleaning machines for exercise equipment, the user may reduce or eliminate chemicals from the cleaning process. This makes for a healthier, safer cleaning process, and ensures grime removal without the dangers associated with cleaning chemicals.

Eliminating Germs and Mold

Daimer® offers many types of exercise equipment cleaners. The KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV model offers temperature of 364°F and pressure level up to 115 PSI, and is EPA-compliant too. The machine reaches high temperatures in only 15 minutes and features a stainless steel boiler, capable of withstanding high temperature and pressure.

Another product is the KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP - ATIS®, perfect solution for sanitation problems in gyms. This machine features thermal ionic technology, capable of eliminating germs, such as E.coli, Staphylococcus, and mold like Aspergillus.

So, if you truly want the sanitation in your gyms to match its top-notch equipment, then you should invest in high-quality cleaning machines for gym equipment, such as those sold by Daimer®.

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