July 01, 2015

Remove Gum the Simple Way with the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG

125837055_xlGum removal is never an easy task. Gum has a tendency to stick, even to the point where a scraper can’t extract it. If you operate a busy hotel or other commercial building, you will find chewing gum eventually. Investing in a gum removal kit by itself isn’t always a practical choice, but when one is combined with a powerful steam vacuum cleaner, you get something truly worthwhile. The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG is a gum exterminator that uses it’s enhanced cleaning power to destroy gum and help you keep your building looking its best.

Useful Features in the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG

The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG has plenty of interesting features that can help you keep your building clean. This unique system is one of the most powerful steam vacuum cleaners available. It uses a single power cord, making it a great choice for a busy work environment. It also makes the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG a simpler vacuum to use, so your employees won’t need excessive training to learn how to use it.

Simplicity and power aren’t the only things this impressive unit has to offer. Here are some of the prominent features found in the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG:

  • Heats to 356 degrees in about 10 minutes.
  • Applies up to 105 PSI of pressure.
  • Large, 3 liter chamber size with continuous refill technology.
  • 56-pound device on a wheeled cart with baskets.
  • Special Gum Extractor System designed specifically for chewing gum.
  • Warranty included through Daimer.

The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG includes several different attachments to help you clean unique textures and spaces. Detailed brushes and scrapers help you extract more than just gum, helping your business stay prepared for any type of spill. Here are just some of the attachments included with your unit:

  • Nylon, stainless and brass detail brushes for a variety of surfaces.
  • Steam scraper helps lift tough dirt, grime and other materials.
  • Large steam/vac floor tool helps you deep clean whole rooms.
  • Squeegee and Brush strip floor tools for hard surfaces.
  • Cloth and upholstery nozzles for sensitive fabrics.
  • Extra heavy-duty steam extraction extension rod.
  • Small triangular brush to help you reach into corners.
  • Additional attachments included to give you a wide range of cleaning power.

Whether you need to remove the ugly, black gum spots from the concrete outside your building, or you need something to help you detail clean the inside of your commercial building, the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG can help. Unique features that cover a wide range of surfaces help you get a professional clean that you can be proud of.

Unique KleenJet Gum Exterminator Features

One of the most notable features of the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG is the gum exterminator attachments. The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG was the first system by Daimer to include the attachment. Special tools designed specifically for chewing gum removal and a biodegradable liquid help you remove even the toughest gum spots.

The Gum Exterminator includes several different parts:

  • Special gum removal steam vac squeegee tool
  • Brush attachment to scrub gum off of surfaces effortlessly
  • Nylon detail brushes to help you detail clean the gum area
  • 2 gallons of concentrated Gum Exterminator liquid

These tools easily attach to the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG, allowing you to quickly clean almost any area. In just a few moments, you will be free of your chewing gum problem. A low drying time allows you to take advantage of these revolutionary, powerful features without having to worry about disrupting your business for too long.

Durable Systems for Difficult Jobs

Cleaning stains off of surfaces isn’t always the easiest task, especially in commercial buildings that help multiple guests each day. Finding a system that can keep up with tough, daily use isn’t always easy. The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG is an industrial grade system that allows you to cut through grease, chewing gum, dirt and more. The system is made from incredibly durable parts specifically designed for heavy use. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your machine will be there when you need it.

KleenJet Mega 1000CVG is manufactured by Daimer. We have an excellent history of building professional cleaning machines. Each one of our systems is backed by a warranty. The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG includes a 3-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the boiler. This makes the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG a wise investment for any business.

Choosing Daimer for Your Gum Removal Needs

The truth is that there are many different companies that offer chewing gum removal services. You shouldn’t have to hire a private service to clean tough gum stains. If you have a large or busy commercial building, this could add up to a lot of cleanings. Your building deserves to have a regular deep cleaning.

Daimer is happy to work with business owners to help them get the tools they need. Our goal is to help you find a system that gets the job done right the first time. The powerful KleenJet Mega 1000CVG is a favorite because it serves multiple purposes and has a special system designed for chewing gum. This makes it a versatile machine that helps save you time and money.

If you are struggling to get the gum off of your building, contact us directly today. We will be happy to provide you with more information on the KleenJet Mega 1000CVG and other cleaning solutions that can help you.


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