Chewing Gum Removal: Vapor Steam Cleaners

Chewing Gum Removal: Vapor Steam Cleaners
3 Chewing Gum Removal: Vapor Steam Cleaners
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Chewing Gum Removal Machines

Daimer's chewing gum removal equipment pricing is up to 1/3 that of our competitors. We offer the best chewing gum removal systems and values in the industry to remove chewing gum from concrete, pavement, sidewalks ... at a rate of 100s of pieces/day! We feature heavy duty stainless steel brushes and extraction while other brands offer no vacuum capability to extract the residue, and they offer soft brass brushes that wear quickly. Daimer conforms to EPA regulations.

Everyone these days, especially teenagers and young people find eating chewing gum very "cool" and fashionable. You will see people chewing gum whether in schools, colleges, theaters, pubs, hotels, or virtually everywhere. The problem arises when people are careless about disposing of their chewing gum. Some just spit it on the pavement, theater corridors, carpeting, and other surfaces. Chewing gum litter has been and continues to be a rampant issue, and one creating health hazards. In schools and colleges, some students dispose of gum under desks, which can create a very unhealthy situation when another student happens to touch the gum; he places his hands to his mouth and transfers germs. The same transfer of bacteria happens in under tables in restaurants when children touch gum and then place their hands in their mouths.

If you have noticed black chewing gum spots on sidewalks, jogging tracks, pavement, driveways, parking lots, you would agree how ugly and unsightly it looks. Education and awareness is important so children, teenagers and everyone who eats chewing gum will dispose of it properly in a basket or barrel. Unfortunately, people will just continue to discard it wherever they like, thus the persistent problem will continue to plague society.

Chewing Gum and Chewing Gum Litter: Did You Know?

According to some sources, worldwide chewing gum production during 2005 was approximately 650 metric tons. Further, the estimate says that the figure will reach over 1 billion tons in 5 years. The U.S. is the world's leading country in chewing gum consumption and hence the problem of tackling chewing gum litter in the USA is grave. Chewing gum does not break down even over a period of time, so when gum is discarded improperly on pavement or elsewhere the resulting substance accumulates and is extremely difficult to remove. In the U.S chewing gum sales is about $2 billion a year. Further, the cost for chewing gum removal is around $2- $3 per piece of gum. Penalties must be imposed for chewing gum litter to bring the situation under control. It has been estimated that approximately 28 million people in the UK buy around 935 million packs of gum each year and £400 million are spent by Local Authorities in street cleaning each year.

Cleaning Chewing Gum Litter

Janitors who are assigned the jobs to clean facilities like school campuses, or hotels etc. often find the task of cleaning chewing gum quite tedious and difficult. In hotels, for example, housekeeping and janitorial staff must contend with ugly, sticky gums on carpets, upholstered furniture, stairs, elevators and elsewhere. Local authorities everywhere are faced with the growing issue of chewing gum litter and clean-up. In schools and colleges the job of cleaning chewing gum on sidewalks and walls is a difficult one. You can also find chewing gum litter at/on:

Pavements and walkways, school grounds, university campuses, government and corporate buildings, retail stores, shopping malls , open spaces and stadiums, amusement parks, carpets and upholstery

Chewing gum litter is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and ruins the surface over a period of time. Chewing gum removal normally requires rigorous rubbing and cleaning activities which can also harm the surface whether carpet or hard floors; therefore, prevention is best rather than needing to clean chewing gum..

Features that Make Daimer Chewing Gum Removing Machines the Best Machines in the Market

Gum wads stuck on surfaces, such as concrete, brick, pavers, and most indoor floor surfaces, are not just eyesores, but also extremely unhygienic and difficult to get eliminate. Traditional cleaning techniques of scrubbing, cleaning, and wiping are time consuming and require too much effort. Therefore, steam cleaner machines that create high temperatures and come with specialized gum removal kits are required for efficient chewing gum removal.

Daimer®'s KleenJet® chewing gum removal vapor steam cleaners are ideal for eliminating blackened and hardened gum pieces in areas like schools, restaurants, movie theatres, shopping malls, stadiums, gymnasiums, and more. The commercial steam cleaner machines are capable of removing many pieces of gum per day.

Features of Daimer® Chewing Gum Remover Machines

Chewing gum removal machines from the company come with advanced technologies, such as continuous refill and Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization® (ATIS®), HEPA Filtration and wet and dry vacuum features, pressure levels as high as 125 psi and temperatures up to 369ºF, stainless steel boilers and boiler scale reduction technology, and more.

The continuous refill technology allows operators to add water to the machine while it is still functional. The chewing gum removal vapor steam cleaner need not be turned off for the purpose. The boiler maintains a high level of super hot water into which colder water from the non-pressurized water tank is mixed. The technology saves users the time to first depressurize the system, refill it, and then reheat it. The whole process would otherwise take up to 40 minutes with other brands' models.

The chewing gum removal systems available with the company's patent-pending ATIS® technology have a kill rate of up to 99.999 percent of many kinds of harmful bacteria, such as E-Coli, S. aureus, and more. All its machines featuring this technology come with an EPA number for authenticity. So, these chewing gum removal vapor steam cleaner machines not just clean, but sanitize the surfaces as well.

The HEPA Filtration technique filters allergens up to 3 microns in size for extra protection. The wet vacuuming feature eliminates the need to use towels by extracting moisture completely. Therefore, the machines first melt the gum pieces with hot steam and then extract the residue, leaving the surfaces spotless and virtually germ free. Some of the machines feature an extraction chamber size of 14 litres.

Stainless steel boilers maintain high temperatures throughout the operation, and the scale reduction technology prevents the formation of scale buildup in the boiler. This also increases the life of the boiler. Moreover, inline heating elements available with Daimer®'s chewing gum removal equipment heat water to high temperatures within minutes.

Chewing Gum Removal Kit Available with Daimer®'s Gum Remover Equipment

The kit includes the double squeegee gum removal tool with six heavy gauge stainless steel brushes and Daimer®'s chewing gum removal solution. One gallon of the concentrated gum removing liquid forms nearly 11 gallons of ready-to-use solution that is completely eco-friendly. The chemical mixed steam easily breaks the bond between the surface and the gum, and melts even the most tough gum deposits in no time.

More Information Apart from cleaning chewing gum from pavement or sidewalks, or any other surfaces, Daimer®'s KleenJet® steam vacuum cleaners can also be used for various other cleaning applications, such as auto detailing; cleaning and sanitizing knobs, mirrors, bathroom walls, stalls, sinks, and urinals; cleaning tile and grout surfaces in restrooms; and removing grease from kitchens. Accessories available with a machine are also important for efficient cleaning. Therefore, Daimer® vapor steam cleaner machines come with a host of accessories, such as plush microfiber towels, brushes of various sizes and shapes, steam hoses, and more. Most importantly, Daimer® gum remover machines can be used for removing chewing gum on carpet. The user simply needs to attach the right brush to do so.

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