September 22, 2014

A Car Pressure Washer that Balances Power and Precision

Developing commercial and industrial cleaning solutions has led us down an interesting path. Often, the clients one thinks of first for our products are those that need raw power to achieve base cleaning needs—restrooms, kitchens, department stores, manufacturing centers, and outdoor industrial spaces. Certainly, there's always a balance between power and delicacy (even sturdy surfaces can strain under the pressure and heat of powerful washers), but many of these cleaning solutions were designed to meet standards of everyday cleanliness, with reliability and efficiency in cleaning time the major priority.

The same is not quite true for a car pressure washer, which takes on the precise and sometimes delicate task of both cleaning and preserving a beloved piece of machinery, be it a historic muscle car or new sport utility vehicle. The goal is not mere practicality—the car, in most cases, will function well either way—but the exceptional clean offered by car detailing services. Nonetheless, that attention to detail and the delicate nature of certain paints, wheel finishes, and interiors does not mean that cars don't attract extremely difficult and durable stains. Highway travel can be brutal on car undercarriages or the front end, where objects come flying at eighty miles per hour into the car's front bumper or bounce violently from beneath the roadway. These road hazards can be compounded by the trials of mother nature, including bird droppings.

To develop the best car pressure washer system, we had to take into account these variables and create a line of products with sufficient diversity in heat and power to extract these stains while also preserving existing aspects of the vehicle. The result is a twelve-product line that can suit all car detailer needs, regardless of size.

Hands Down, the Best Pressure Washer for Cars

As we noted, choosing the best pressure washer for cars requires paying attention to the balance of heat and power. Not hot enough, and the stain won't come off. Too hot, and you could make a thousand-dollar mistake in an instant. Likewise, pressure can play an equally dichotomous role—you want the maximum amount of pressure that you know will not cause any damage.

Navigating these balances can be tricky, but it's part of the reason we carry such a wide range of products. As a baseline, you should remember that industry experts recommend a pressure washer with less than 1,500 pounds per square inch of pressure to avoid any potential liabilities. Because our pressure washers can reach industry-leading steam temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, you'll be able to dislodge stubborn stains easily on surfaces capable of withstanding high heat.

If you're not sure about which model is right for you, that's when our assessment and sales experts come into play. Our sales staff is not paid on commission based on the product you purchase. That means that their only motivation in giving advice is to match your needs with the appropriate product. Because we offer a wheel-mounted, trailer-mounted, and fixed pressure washer for cars, you have plenty of options. The best choice will depend on your specific plan of use and the amount of mobility you need in a pressure washing system. Our vast experience with a number of top industries will allow you to gain insights from what has been successful for other companies.

All of our car pressure washers fit into our Super Max series, which has been a proven machine for a variety of clients in commercial and industrial businesses. We have electric and gas-powered models, giving you further choice in the process. Our electric models provide the convenience of a ready power source—any electrical outlet—and also allow you to use your pressure washer indoors, as the electric models generate no exhaust. When power is more important, nothing can beat the raw horsepower and pressure generation of our gas-powered models.

An Industry Leading Product from a True Industry Leader

Daimer Industries has been a top producer for years. We've come to the forefront of our industry—we are the world's number-one brand of commercial and industrial cleaning solutions—by consistently delivering the best quality products to our customers and establishing strong relationships. The honest advice of our sales staff is undoubtedly part of that equation. Few business owners are experts in high-powered cleaning machines, and the confidence our staff's advice can provide is priceless.

Another critical component to our success has been a decision to work with lower profit margins than many of our competitors. This decision also reflects further openness about our business practices. The day-to-day effect of smaller profit margins has meant that we push our energy into product development, not high prices or deceptive marketing. The only way we succeed is by creating the best quality product in the market and sharing knowledge about our product with potential customers. Our price points are established by the costs of sourcing the best quality parts and manufacturing those parts with highly skilled, U.S.-based workers.

So far, our thousands of customers have been highly satisfied with the results, not just at the point of sale but in the years of quality use they get from their purchases. We believe you will be satisfied, too, at the time of purchase and for years to come.


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