April 30, 2016

Pressure Washers for Gutter Cleaning

Fall is a beautiful time of year, especially watching the leaves change colors and serenely drop to the ground.  While leaf blowers work beautifully on the dry leaves scattered on the ground, they don’t work so well on leaf-filled gutters.  Especially after it has rained and the leaves have clogged your gutters with a paper Mache-like substance that a leaf blower will not budge.  It’s times like this that a pressure washer and a specific gutter attachment (not sold with the machines) can tremendously reduce time and frustration when it comes to cleaning the gutters.

Start off with a pressure washer and purchase the appropriate gutter cleaning attachment for it.  We offer our valued customers a few different types of tools for this purpose.  A T-shaped attachment will spray water in two directions while a U-shaped attachment sprays water in just one direction.  Be extremely careful using these attachments as they fire water between 3000 and 4000 pounds per square inch (psi).  If you have a two-level home, you will need the telescoping wand attachment which will require even more care.  Another alternative is to use a ladder while pressure washing gutters but be extremely careful as overlooking safety measures and an unsupported ladder can result in serious injuries.

Using a pressure washer to clean your gutters has the added benefit of the wastewater cleaning downspouts.  Not to mention it makes short work of the job.  In addition to using a telescoping wand instead of a ladder if possible, there some additional safety precautions you should follow.  Pressure washes put out water at extremely high volume so be sure to never point the nozzle directly at someone.  Make sure you have the best footing possible the prevent tipping over yourself and be sure to never directly point the water stream at glass of electric fixtures.  Also be sure to wear eye protection when using a pressure washer.  Due to the nature of this cleaning method, a lot of water at very high pressures, be prepared to get wet or wear a rain slicker to keep from getting soaked.

Customized Pressure Washer

Sometimes cleaning gutters can be a two person job, especially if there are pine trees close by that are shedding needles which must be cleaned out by hand.  A second person can also make sure the gutters are completely clean and direct you on which areas might still need some work.  After all, it is much safer to be using a pressure washer when your feet are firmly planted on the ground.  The best method to clean gutters is to begin with the soffits then spray the underside of the roof to release any dirt, debris, or detergent residue.  This will prevent streaks from draining wastewater.

If you are thinking about using our pressure washer on your gutters you might want to make the investment of a machine that can clean your entire house.  For this purpose, and any commercial applications, consider a hot water pressure washer.  If you are running a cleaning business and want a machine that can handle any job it encounters, consider a custom pressure washer.

When it comes to pressure washes of all varieties, the top brand is Daimer.  This American owned and operated company is the industry standard when it comes to commercial pressure washers.  They carry a wide array of heated and heated machines, electrical or gas powered, and can even create a customized power washer for customers with the most specific needs.  To view the company’s history and all of the fine products it offers, see their website at www.daimer.com

If you are looking for a pressure washer just for gutters, especially if you are planning on starting your own business, an electric, non-heated model should serve your purpose.  As you are looking for something that will be effective used with a telescoping wand and high psi attachments, look for something with relatively high pressure and that is mobile as a wheeled machine will be much easier to move around. If you are in the market for a non-customized model, consider the Super Max 8730 with a pressure rating of 2500 psi and sandblasting capability or the Super Max 8750 that puts out 3000 psi.  Good choices for heated models include the Vapor-Flo 8210 with a pressure level or up to 1700 psi or the Vapor-Flo 8550 which tops out at 1880 psi.

We offer custom pressure washers that can be built to any needs and specifications using only the most reliable gasoline, propane, diesel, or electric engines.  They only use stainless steel coils instead of aluminum for a longer lifespan and overall superior durability.  Their product specialists are ready to consult with customers and discuss requirements in detail for a completely customized pressure washer up to 600 volts, 60hz, water temperatures up to 330 degrees, and pressure ratings up to a whopping 8000 psi. Needless to say these machines are ready to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs and will serve their owner well for a very long time.


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