October 13, 2015

Sausage & Other Prepared Meat Product Manufacturers Cleaning

125835487_xlIn running a meat packing plant there are certain standards that you will need to stick to, particularly those that are set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture, otherwise known as the USDA. These standards dictate that plants preparing sausage and other prepared meats must address problems that could result in unsanitary conditions that could lead to the contamination of a product. These standards are outline in §416.1-416.5 and address the improper handling or package of food. Failing to comply with the standards set forth by the USDA can result in insanitary conditions, necessitating the use of powerful cleaning equipment.

This type of equipment is absolutely not optional as lacking it, and failing to complete the mandatory cleanings can easily result in the spread of bacteria which includes e-coli among other harmful bacterial or microorganisms. As always, do consider the fact that you are distributing meat to potentially thousands of people, and with that being the case, you need to make sure that it is safe, sanitary, and that it will not cause widespread illness. When consumers buy products that originate from your factory they are placing a certain amount of trust in you, and hopefully not trust that is sorely misplaced. In order to earn that trust, finding the right cleaning machine is an absolute necessity.

The Proper Cleaning Equipment

It’s all about control when you are working with raw meat. This goes for everything from sausage, to pork, and even ground beef. Sausage meat processors, conveyor belts, and other industrial processing items need to be kept perfectly clean. In fact, a meat preparation and packaging facility needs to be the cleanest building you ever step foot in. Why? Because a single bit of contamination can destroy the entire line, and that is not acceptable. Sausage needs to be processed with equipment that is clean and germ free on both the visible level as well as the microscopic. It’s all about maintaining public health and safety as well as your reputation. In a sausage preparation plant some of the important items can include:

  • Tables
  • Carts
  • Refrigeration units
  • Stuffing Machines
  • Etc

There are also several piece of equipment that are specific to the sausage packing industry for you to consider and all of these can be taken care of with the right pressure washing system. There is a lot of work to be done, as you probably know by now, but it can be done, and the right equipment will most certainly help you to accomplish it.

Heat it Up

It is almost universally agreed that temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit are need to destroy bacteria and other germs, which is why a heated pressure washer is so important. There are many advanced pressure washers out there designed specifically for sausage and other meat products that can help you to adhere to the strict USDA and FDA guidelines set forth by the government. Remember, while these rules and regulations might seem irritating, they are there for a reason, and they could serve to save many lives. By processing meat, you are providing a service – make sure that the service is sanitary, and make sure it is safe. Only with the right equipment can you possibly achieve that!

In using this equipment you can wash away food-borne bacteria, make disinfecting surfaces far easier than before, and quickly remove tough deposits like grease and oil. The best part is that this can be done without the use of toxic chemicals.

There is an extensive line of hot water pressure washers available on the market today, as you have probably discovered, and with that being the case, you will need to decide which one will work best for you. Some of these can reach up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the obvious choice for cleaning and sanitizing on your factory floor. Make sure you check out the Vapor-Flo line, powered by electric rather than gas for quieter operation and the complete elimination of fumes that you would otherwise find in a pressure washer. There are several different examples right here on the website of pressure washers that will help you to keep your factory clean and that will help you to comply with USDA regulations. Remember, thousands or even millions of people are relying upon you to keep your factory clean – it’s time to make sure you live up to their expectations and keep them safe then they consume the products you have created.


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