December 16, 2015

Sidewalk Cleaning Machines By Daimer

125837396_xlConcrete cleaning with pressure washing removes dirt and salt deposits that are caused by weather conditions and continuous use over time. Concrete cleaner machine is a flat surface cleaner, and the best industrial pressure washer available for your cleaning applications. These are High Pressure Surface Cleaners used for cleaning Sidewalks and Car Parking lots.

Power Wash Sidewalks with Pressure Washers

Decide if the pressure washer should be electric, gasoline or diesel powered. An electric pressure washer may seem the best option as it can be used outdoors and indoors. An electric pressure washer produces less noise and no fumes, unlike fuel powered machines. Another reason that contractors prefer electric machines is the easy availability of electricity.  DAIMER provides a variety of machines for cleaning jobs.

DAIMER cold water washers provide several benefits overheated models, they are portable and budget friendly, these machines are ideal for cleaning jobs stretched out on large areas, industrial plants, power plants, and manufacturing facilities.

This cold water pressure washer machine is an ultimate solution for the most difficult washing applications such as cleaning industrial flooring, machinery equipment cleaning, and cleaning of other surfaces. The low flow rate makes the machine ECO-friendly. Cold water pressure washers can clean different types of surfaces; hard surfaces as roads, bridges, yards, grounds, and building fronts.

Hot Water Power Wash

It is well known that hot water cleans grease, stains, and grime. This is possible because heat acts on the chemical bonds to break down grease and dirt, and once these chemical bonds are dissolved, dirt is removed easily. Cold water, on the other hand, congeals grease and is not often used for degreasing.

Sidewalk cleaning machines by Daimer are Portable

Cleaners often travel long distances for cleaning roads and sidewalks. Naturally, they want a machine that is portable and easily mounted on trailers. The Super Max™ 12860, for example, is an electricity-powered, oil-heated pressure washer that can be easily transported on a trailer. Electric washers are usually less portable than the gas ones and that can be a hassle for cleaners covering large spaces. Cleaners often use gas or diesel powered pressure washers.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Applications of the DAIMER High Pressure Surface Cleaner

High pressure washers are used for restaurant drive through areas, bank drive up lanes etc.

Cold water washers are cheaper and lighter and simpler to use than the hot water machines.

Sidewalk cleaning machine is a commercial and industrial grade machine and it can be used as a surface cleaner, this pressure washer can be used for several applications;   Such as,

  • Wheel chair cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Supermarket carts cleaning
  • Hood duct cleaning
  • Degreasing industrial equipment
  • Floor and walls cleaning for kitchen
  • Rust removal from small metal areas
  • Farm equipment cleaning
  • Bus cleaning
  • Heavy equipment cleaning.
  • Conveyer belt cleaning
  • Residential marble floor cleaning
  • Bamboo floor cleaning
  • Laminate floor cleaning
  • Paving slabs cleaning
  • Garage floor cleaning
  • Brick patio and walkway cleaning
  • Swimming pool tile cleaning

Uses DAIMER Sidewalk Cleaner at the Airport

  • Large tile floors cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Conveyer belt cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Rest room cleaning
  • Large sliding Windows cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Leather upholstery cleaning.  
  • Hotel room cleaning
  • Rest room cleaning

Residential Applications of the DAIMER Cold Water Pressure Washer Applications

  • Window blinds cleaning
  • Sliding Windows tracks cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Fabric furnishing cleaning
  • Rest room cleaning
  • Bed bugs removal
  • Carpeted area cleaning

The Best Sidewalk Cleaning Equipment by Daimer

Daimer® is the most trusted and popular name in the industry and known for its path-breaking cleaning systems that use innovative technologies and high-quality components. Daimer is a leading supplier in the industry for sophisticated and specially engineered cleaning machines. Importantly, Daimer's sidewalk cleaning machines offer the maximum pressure and temperature levels possible from any canister-based system. Daimer’s Super Max™ 12400 PE is a tri-mode system that can be independently used as a cold water pressure washer. Daimer sells a line up of powerful, efficient pressure washers designed specifically for commercial cleaning applications. One of the most robust applications of these machines happens to be cleaning outdoor locations, specifically roads, sidewalks, and parking lots.

DAIMER’s top rated commercial pressure washers are the first choice of commercial facility owners. High pressure washers from DAIMER are heavy duty washers having three or four types of machine. Cold water pressure washers can clean a variety of surfaces; they are used for cleaning hard surfaces. Commercial pressure washer with high power has great efficiency, and these washers have the muscle to deal with the most difficult cleaning jobs. It is important to use the pressure washer to enhance the cleaning results.

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