December 12, 2014

Steam pressure washer an ultimate cleaning solution

Steam Pressure WasherA pressure washer uses a high power motor, it is also known as high pressure mechanical sprayer which is used to clean and remove dirt and particles like mold, dust and paint. A pressure washer can be classified into different categories. Out of all those classifications the most commonly used and which is considered as the most available source is the steam pressure washer. It was previously known as hot water steam pressure washer but later was transformed and was given the name of steam pressure washer, for the sake of simplicity. The pressure washer with steam cleaner is commonly used domestically as well as commercially. This hot water cleaner known as steam pressure washer is used when an extra effort is required to clean up any respective surface.

The operating sphere of a pressure washer is quite simple; the water after being poured into the machine is put under pressure using an integral pump. This pressurized water then ooze out and expelled from the nozzle with a force. In case of a hot water steam pressure washer there is an additional feature used of heating up the water, this temperature then allows the steam pressure washer to exert the cleaning power of steam and enhance the cleaning process. It’s a very common question that how this steam is generated, a simple response to that can be the water flow level is reduced in the washer and the temperature remains constant which makes the temperature to goes up and generates steam. This temperature can vary from 100 degrees to 170 degrees. When the temperature of the hot steam pressure washer exceeds beyond 150 degrees, the steam then generated is known as dry steam and can be used to clean surfaces like wood.

types of steam pressure washer

There are certain varieties and categories of pressure washers are available, which can be used for different cleaning purposes. Some of the washers are simple, where as some are equipped with an additional steam facility in them. Steam pressure washers vary in different categories that are from being static or electric pressure washer with steam and other washers which are independently powered.

components of Steam washers

As with an increasing trend of using Steam pressure washers for cleaning purposes there are different varieties of steam pressure washer for sale available with an ease. It does includes several features which you can easily look for while making a decision of which washer to buy to get best results of your cleaning requirements • Fuel tank • 2000 to 3000 PSI at 4.0 or 4.8 GPM • 5 or 10 HP electric motor • Nozzles-varying sizes • Steel coil wrap • Detergent Injection • Oil fired burner

maintenance of steam pressure washer

Maintenance is the key component for smooth working. In case of steam pressure washer high level of maintenance for the equipment is required. If you want your washer to work at its fullest, there is a need to preserve sessions for its maintenance. Maintenance does not involve cleaning of the equipment, it also comprise the fact as how you store your equipment. Cleaning and storing is very crucial in case of electric steam pressure washer because for once if a single/small fault arises in the machine, which can be ignored to some extent but in reality it will exploit the working of the whole machine.

known steam pressure washers

The best and known industrial steam pressure washer is of Edge Grimbuster: It has its own engine and storage unit, it can be moved to different places and it covers all bases of cleaning. If you desire for cold water cleaning, it can be adjusted accordingly. It also occupies steam and hot washer abilities as well. A true choice for cleaning purposes that has every option. Karcher HDS10/20-4M professional Hot Pressure Washer This washer is categorized as one of those which feature an eco-efficiency mode for fuel saving upto 20%. It comprises of a 2900psi operating pressure. It has a 4-pole water cooled electric motor that enhances its performance and makes it a long lasting equipment. Nilfik NEPTUNE 1-22 compact steam pressure washer It is a compact pressure washer with a unique upright design. Its unique and compact design makes it a choice for households as it is very easy to carry it to different places.

Its premium design with no operating deficiency makes it an ideal solution when space is a major concern. Are you in a need to pressure wash any surface to get rid of grease, dust or any other particle, which is exploiting the beauty or outlay of your office, driveway, windows etc. there is no need to go for buying steam washers. You can easily comply with the situation by contacting a steam pressure washer rental. The rental companies provide with different varieties of steam washers, with varying sizes and functions which can be accessible as according to your needs. This rental facility is not only available to the commercial domains it can be for domestic and industrial uses as well. These high pressure rentals are an ultimate solution for quick cleaning. The rental associations not only provide pressure washers on rent, in case if you already occupy a steam pressure washer and require any accessory, they can be contacted for these stand alone cleaning units at affordable rates.


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