February 12, 2015

Steam Pressure Washer

Steam Pressure WasherHaving a dirty carpet is more than just an eyesore. Unclean carpets in your home or place of business can actually be bad for your health. There are a multitudes of dangerous organisms that live in your carpet. Skin cells, pet hair, and dirt are all things that these dangerous organisms feed on. Not having your carpet cleaned with a steam pressure washer can help them to grow faster and spread further. A pressure washer like this will go deep into your carpet and rid the carpet of these organisms. Vacuuming your carpets daily can help remove the things us and our pets leave behind but they will not completely rid the carpet of the issues.

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting the area is how to make sure your coworkers and family stays safe from any mold spores or organisms that live in your carpet. Knowing and understanding the causes of the harmful bacteria and organisms can aid you in proper care of your carpet. Even if your carpet appears to be clean on the surface it is impossible to rid the carpet of the issue with a no shoe rule and vacuuming. Surface cleaning looks nice and it can help a little with odor. However, surface cleaning does not do anything for the health of your loved ones and those you work with. Do what you can today to protect those in your life by staying on top of the problem. Kill the potential illness before it hits.

Using pressure washer with steam for dirty carpets and allergies

Having a dirty carpet can cause your allergies to flare or even give allergies to someone who would not normally have them. This goes along with the bacteria and organisms that live in your carpet. Some of the allergies reactions you can have to unclean carpets are anything from itchy irritated skin, sneezing and coughing along with other things like an allergy attack.

It is vital to use a steam pressure washer to rid your carpet of these allergens before they strike. Have you ever thought that you were having allergies at an odd time of year? Or do your allergies seem worse than normal? You could be in need of a deep carpet cleaning to pull out what the vacuum missed and also to clear out what microorganism have spread due to the deep penetrating everyday objects that we drag in.

You are not alone in needing to have regular carpet cleanings. Everyone needs them. It is common to have allergies spread due to dirty carpets. Did you know that even if you use the strongest vacuum you will not be able to pull out all the pet hair and allergens that collect. This becomes frustrating when you have guest who are allergic to certain animals. It can cause them to have a severe allergic reaction. If they touch the carpet or even the pet dander that floats around has those who walk through kick it up into the air.

Using a hot steam pressure washer for dirty carpets and the skin

The skin is a very sensitive part of your body. The living and nonliving irritants that are in your carpet can cause minor to severe skin reactions. Just because you can not see it does not mean it is not there. If you already have sensitive skin you should be aware of what needs to be done to help this. Regular cleaning of your carpets with a steam pressure washer will greatly aid you and your family in riding the carpet of any harmful or annoying skin irritants. A very common skin condition caused by dirty carpet is athletes foot. Think about how often you actually walk around on your carpet bare foot.

Probably almost everyday. Not only are you dragging your bare feet through everything you and your pets have brought in, you are also stomping all over the mold spores, tiny bugs, feces and anything else that is being fed and growing from lack of deep cleaning. Athletes foot is a fungal infection that is highly contagious.

Although it seems like athletes foot is easy to rid yourself of you now have to consider everywhere your bare feet went and what they touched. Anything from sheets, socks and shoes need to be deeply cleaned. Especially high traffic and use areas like your carpet. The last thing anyone wants is to continue the spread of an annoying fungal infection. Why not stop the issue before it gets that bad?

Put a stop to the problem

It is time to take action and put a stop to the issues dirty carpets cause. Protect your family with cleaning your carpets and rugs often. Use a steam pressure washer to get deep into your carpet to clear out any left over debris and mold that may be growing deep within the carpets of your home or place of business. Allergies, skin irritation, flared up allergic reactions and fungal infections caused by dirty carpets are an easy fix.

We love our homes and thinking about playing around on the floor with our kids or pulling out a board game is suppose to be a pleasant thought not a scary one. How many times have you seen your children pick up food off the floor and eat it? Imagine what they are actually eating. Walking into your home from a long day at work and kicking off your shoes should be something you look forward to, not something you worry about doing. Regular carpet cleaning is the only way for you and your family to stay safe and live a happy life without worrying about what you are touching. 


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