September 16, 2014

Discover the Difference of a Daimer Industries Steam Pressure Washer

Steam pressure washers represent the ultimate in pressure washing capabilities. While hot water pressure washers can exceed the achievements of non-heated pressure washers, steam pressure washers elevate the cleaning capacity to its highest level. This unmatched cleaning capacity is the only way to remove the toughest dirt, grime, or other stains from surfaces in your business.

Steam Pressure Washers for Every Cleaning Need and Every Budget

Take, for example, Daimer Industries' Super Max 10880 model. With a steam temperature of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, it represents an industry leader for temperature, which, as you may have guessed, translates to a deeper and more effective clean. Further, it is oil heated and gasoline-powered, meaning you get the most efficient use of fuels for your commercial or industrial cleaning project. We even take the environmental impact of our products into consideration: The Super Max engine meets the new lower emission standards established by the EPA. With Daimer Industries, you sacrifice nothing in performance, efficiency, or value. It is why our steam pressure washer systems have become a favorite among industries big and small.

The Super Max 10880 is just one of more than two dozen steam pressure washers we manufacture and stock at Daimer Industries. The vast scope of our product selection means that we are able to match your unique needs with a customized pressure washer solution. The Super Max 6000, our entry-level model, still achieves 750 pounds per square inch of pressure, an impressive accomplishment capable of tackling many arduous cleaning chores. Just one step up, the Super Max 7000 provides 1,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. Both models feature powerful NEMA motors designed for handling the heavy use required of commercial and industrial businesses.

As you move toward larger models, you will enjoy the added benefit of increased pressure—from 1,500 pounds per square inch on our Super Max 9000 model up to the aforementioned 3,500 pounds per square inch available with the Super Max 10880. Among our many models, you will find options for trailer-mounted steam pressure washers, various heating and motor fuel sources, and other features designed to maximize ease of use and provide you with a tailored product that meets your needs.

Choosing the right system for your business means knowing your challenges—the stuck-on substances that are toughest to remove and the types of surfaces you need to clean—and having a source for expert advice. At Daimer Industries, we can help you sort through both of those issues with the expertise stocked among our assessment and sales teams. We are always willing to take the time to listen to your particular cleaning challenge so that we can better understand your needs.

Then, we are able to provide you detailed information and suggestions about the products that will solve your cleaning challenges. Feature by feature, we can show you what each model offers and how they compare to others in our lineup. The capabilities of steam pressure washers are always balanced between high heat and high pressure, with different combinations most appropriate for different cleaning challenges and different cleaning surfaces. Importantly, none of our sales staff works on commission based on the particular model you choose. That means that they are motivated only to sell you the best product for your needs, not the most expensive one in our warehouse.

A Company that Values Our Customers above All Else

Daimer Industries has spent years perfecting our product through rigorous in-house testing, consumer feedback, and investment in research and development. That cumulative effort has resulted in our products becoming the world's number-one brand for commercial and industrial cleaning. Daimer Industries cleaning products can be found in more than 200 countries and territories. Daily, they are put to use by many of the world's largest companies, from airlines to hotel chains, and also enjoy a role as a White House cleaning machine.

As you continue to shop for the right steam pressure washer for your business, consider this: We have never made a single innovation to one of our products just to save our company money. Ever alteration we make to our line of pressure washers—or any of our other dozens of cleaning solutions—is focused solely on increasing productivity and the experience of the end user. Further, the success of our business is based on growing our list of clients, not raising our prices. Since our inception, we have committed to operating on narrow profit margins. This has given our customers exceptional value for our products and kept us dedicated to improving our products, little by little, year after year.

We are an American owned company, and we bring our nation's quintessential work ethic to every aspect of our business. We also provide customers with exceptional confidence in the sourcing and manufacture of every component part. By the time you make a decision to purchase a product from Daimer Industries, you will enjoy full peace of mind that you have chosen the right and most reliable product. Join the thousands of satisfied customers and secure the best steam washer for your business. It all starts with an email or call to Daimer Industries, the undisputed leader in commercial and industrial cleaning solutions.


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