May 31, 2016

Store Front Cleaning is Ten Times Easier with Customized Pressure Washers

Attracting customers for booming business is the goal of any commercial establishment. Good customer service, quality products, easy shopping options, and reasonable pricing are all good strategies for running a successful business. But you also need to make your place of business more attractive by keeping it clean and inviting for customers. After all, who would want to walk into a filthy-looking store? Regular cleaning of your store front is as important as cleaning the inside. A bright, clean, and cheery store front is sure to look pleasing to anyone. And you don‘t even need to worry about the time and effort it might take to clean your store front. With Daimer Industries’ customized pressure washers, you can effectively and easily maintain a beautiful store front always.

Customized Pressure Washing Machines for Every Need

At Daimer, we can provide our customers with completely customized pressure washers. We also provide a whole range of pressure washers that you can choose from. Our pressure washer models use the latest technologies and advanced features to bring you products that are known all over the world for their durability and superior performance. We are proud to use the best of materials to design high quality machines with the expertise of our design and production engineers. As a result, you can own the world’s best pressure washer that is sure to last you for years and years.

Our outstanding line of pressure washers include machines powered by electricity, diesel, natural gas, or propane, pressure levels up to 8000 PSI, temperatures up to 330°F, flow rates up to 30 GPM, and voltages up to 600 volts. If you still do not see what you need, our customizable option will allow us to produce pressure washer machines with many other configurations to get you exactly what you want. Our special monitoring technologies allow us to meet all your specific configurations, while using the same high quality materials and components that all our machines are known for. Just let us know the specifications of what you need, and we will design it for you. We can accommodate up to 13 or more user configurations.

Customized Pressure Washers

Our Machines can Handle Cleaning Tasks in Many Settings

The unique features of our pressure washer machines, such as durability, outstanding ruggedness, high output power, user-friendly operation, and high safety standards make them the best in the industry. This also means that no matter what your setting, our pressure washers are well-equipped to handle any type of cleaning challenge. With advanced technologies, your cleaning tasks are simplified and the results are exceptional. So whether you need to maintain concrete, remove graffiti, degrease, or just wash and spruce, with the right pressure, temperature, and flow rate, you can easily tackle these jobs. At Daimer, we also offer models that are trailer mounted, those with greater maneuverability (say for tight spaces), and also those that can allow simultaneous use of the machine by three operators.

Each of these pressure washer machines are sure to leave your store front sparkling clean! Our line of SuperMax machines offer various capabilities that allow a single machine to handle jobs that would require multiple pressure washers of other brands. For example, the tri-mode capability of SuperMax products enables one machine to use cold water and hot water/steam. Heavy-duty heating coils allow these pressure washers to convert cold water into hot water in mere seconds. Hoses as long as 300 feet allow you to cover large cleaning areas without the need of moving the pressure washer too much. Automatic shut-off has the advantage of saving you the effort to manually turn off the machine.

So as you can see, with an array of different options, unsurpassed quality, and exceptional features, Daimer is the undisputable leader of companies that make custom pressure washers. Just check out our product offerings on our website and see for yourself why you cannot go wrong by choosing any one of our products. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling 1-877-482-1009 for any questions or if you need to place a custom order. We would love to work with you to design the best pressure washer for your needs.


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