October 09, 2015

Sugar Refineries Cleaning

125837060_xlRunning a sugar plant has plenty of hazards considering it is an industrial setting, but what many people fail to consider is the potential for biological contamination. During the course of the manufacturing process a considerably amount of dust can be created, and that is not the only problem to worry about. The creation of sugar dust, for example, makes normal cleaning methods null and void. You could try to scrub all you wanted, but in the end, you may simply end up making more of a mess. In the end, what you’re going to need is a cleaning method that gets rid of the sugar without making a sticky mess that could draw or create bacteria in addition to clogging up the machine. That being said, pressure washers are definitely something that should be on the menu.

The first thing you need to realize is that not all is lost. All of the machines in a sugar factory are going to be modular, including the conveyor belts, meaning that they can be easily dismantled for cleaning. That part is already taken care of for you. What you need now is a well designed cleaning process, and one that can help you to get the line back in working order without any serious problem. Remember, as long as the lines are not moving, you are losing money and in a business like this, you can’t afford to lose any money. You must also consider that you are providing a food service, and that means you need to keep everything absolutely clean as you could potentially cause food poisoning incidents once the product leaves your loading bay doors.

Heat it Up

The best thing you can do when it comes to cleaning up sugar is to use heated water, obviously, and pressure washers today most definitely offer this option. When you are purchasing a device of this nature you need to ask yourself the following questions:

·         How fast does the unit heat up?

·         What is the capacity of the tank?

·         What is the pressure output?

These three questions should be tied in with another: how much do you need? Obviously you need the heating element o work quickly, but the other questions will be dependent upon the size of your work operation and your factory. In addition to that, how many lines do you need cleaned at once? Once you determine this, you will more than likely be ready to consider a purchase.

Part s of the Whole

There are of course several different parts to consider when it comes to your sugar factory. For example you have the diffusers, rollers, sugar processors, sugarcane crushers, etc. All of these need to be cleaned thoroughly before they are returned to service, and not a trace of sugar can be left on them. This is a messy industry, and you are dealing with a  product that can be frustrating by nature, but when you add the cleaning aspect on top of it, it becomes even more frustrating. This is an environment where microorganism can thrive and spread, culminating in the issue that you simply cannot get the results you need when you use ordinary pressure washers.  Hot water pressure washers really are the only way to go in this situation.

Why Hot Water Pressure Washers?

Hot water is capable of dissolving the adhesive chemical bond that forms between dirt and sugar deposits that allow them to cling to equipment in your factory in addition to sanitizing your equipment. You’ve probably noticed that dried sugar can be very difficult to remove from rollers or other equipment, and hot water completely eliminates this problem. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have the best possible cleaning solution and the best hot water pressure washer on the market. It can run a bit high in price, but you have to consider all it will bring to your business.

A good electric power washer will not output the fumes that a gas pressure washer would, first of all, which is a definite plus. In addition to that you can use it to adhere to the strict cleaning policies set forth by the government to improve sanitation and protect the health of those who buy your products. Remember, this product has the potential to spread to millions of people as it may be used by individuals, restaurants, schools, and many other facilities. Remember, cleanliness will take you a long way in any industry – especially this one.


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