June 24, 2015

Daimer Super Max 12820 Commercial/Industrial Grade Pressure Washer

Daimer Super Max 12820Companies and large organizations, or any place that receives heavy amounts of human traffic, exhibit a need for deep cleaning from time to time. Not only are such areas prone to weather related events that can wreak havoc on even the cleanest and most well maintained of areas, but dirt and grime buildup for the countless number of people that might pass through on any give day is difficult to mange. Cleaning such a building can be a major task for even the most dedicated of cleaning professionals, and without the proper tools, this is made even more cumbersome. Thankfully, technology has evolved to the point that more durable and long lasting pressure washers than ever before have been developed for just such a situation and environment.

The Super Max 12820 is an industrial and commercial grade pressure washer that is built for power. It is durable, portable, and will produce the heavy duty type of cleaning action that you require to do the job right, the first time, and every time. From degreasing to removing caked on gum or bugs, this machine will do it all, and with relative ease. The Super Max 12820 has been designed as a tri-mode pressure washer that is both rugged and powerful. On its own, it can be used as a cold water pressure washer. In addition, users can quickly switch it into either a hot water pressure washer, or even a steam pressure washer as the situation warrants. Professional cleaners and novices alike will quickly be able to learn the different setting and get on their way towards cleaning even the most stubborn of surfaces rather quickly.

This machine comes equipped with a 3 horse power NEMA electric engine that is standard. For international users, the electric motor can be fitted out at 220-240V, in a single phase and 60Hz. You will just want to call Daimer and obtain availability and pricing information. The Super Max 12820 also has a water flow rate of 3 gallons per minute, and its pressure can be set up to 1500 psi depending upon the job being done. Individual customers can choose between either number 1 or number 2 heating oil, diesel, or kerosene.

This range of options demonstrates why this particular pressure washer is quickly becoming the industry standard. Keep in mind that this pressure washer is power by electric and, as such, is ideal for any application that requires a high temperature. This enables steam to develop, all combined with a higher flow rate and overall pressure. The unit also comes with additional options depending on the needs of the individual ordering it. These include a two gun operation and the ability to operate the pressure washer itself via a trailer mount.

One of the unique components of this pressure washer is that it is equally effective in both an indoor and outdoor environment. This makes it ideal for commercial establishments who depend on an effective unit to quickly get rid of not only dirt and grime, but also of harmful bacteria and other allergen producing agents. The Super Max 12820 is an efficient machine on all accounts. This pressure washer has an extremely high flow rate, enabling for a high output of pressure. This proves most useful in easily and quickly blasting off dirt and debris from hard surfaces. This includes concrete flooring, walls, and the like.

Many pressure washers on the market today do not have the capability to effectively remove certain caked on substances, such as chewing gum. This task has been the bane of even the most professional of cleaning companies, but that putting the Super Max 12820 to work can now eliminate frustration. This pressure washer is no match for even the oldest and dried up of substances on a variety of hard surfaces. All one has to do is set the pressure washer on its highest PSI setting of 1500, containing a flow rate of an impressive of 3 gallons per minute, and gum and other similar substances will quickly be removed with ease.

This particular pressure wash comes equipped with steam functionality as well. It has a high stem output of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, and this also enables it to remove even the most stubborn and frustrating of substances, such as chewing gum. For less difficult tasks, the hot water setting on this machine can be used as well. That temperature is in the 180 to 210 degree F range and is effective for many cleaning functions within a commercial or industrial setting. The minimum generator size for this unit is 9000 watts, and the ignition system take place via an electronic direct spark.  

The heating fuel capacity is an impressive 9 gallons, and the Super Max 12820 comes equipped with a heavy duty schedule 80 heating coil. Keep in mind that this unit only requires approximately 30 seconds to convert cold water to hot water, meaning that you can underway very soon after deploying its use. As the Super Max 12820 is power by electricity, it can be used on a continuous basis, meaning that you can clean a wider area in a fraction of the time required by other units. A 50 foot high pressure steam hose is included with the unit, and additional lengths are available to be customized to your particular needs. 


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