June 05, 2015

The Super Max 7050SCW

Super Max 7050SCWThe Super Max 7050SCW helps shave hours of time from cleaning and detailing vehicles. The Super Max 7040SCW is a steam car wash machine that offers flexibility, ease of use and an efficient, quality cleaning job for automobiles. With pressure levels up to 1000 psi and low flow rates of just 9.5 liters per minute, this machine saves water while offering the pressure needed to get the job done right.

The PSI level is strong enough to remove dirt, mud from the outside of the car without causing damage to the paint. The exterior of cars are exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, mud and grime while traveling. Properly removing this requires some level of high water pressure. However, if you choose a water pressure that is too high, it can damage the car.

Additionally, the low water flow also makes this machine ideal for detailing even the most delicate parts of the car, like the engine. This three-in-one machine allows you to choose from hot water, cold water or wet steam for cleaning your vehicle. Steam temperatures can reach as high as almost 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  The high temperatures combined with the pressure helps remove bugs and dirt easily.

About the Super Max 7050SCW

The Super Max 7050SCW provides an excellent solution for companies that need a portable option to get the job done. While traditional pressure washers waste a lot of water and are often too strong to safely clean a vehicle, this steam cleaner provides the right temperature, low water flow and the perfect amount of pressure in a compact, portable system.

The average pressure washer has a pressure of 3000 PSI. The Super Max 7050SCW has a PSI of 1000. Instead of wasting gallons of water, Daimer’s low-flow technology maximizes the use of water while cutting back on the amount of water needed to get the job done. With a flow of 9.5 liters (2.5 gallons) per minute, the flow rate on the Super Max 7050SCW. The average pressure washer emits water at about 4 gallons per minute; this machine uses almost half of that.

Hot water temperatures range up to 210 degree Fahrenheit and requires a generator of at least 5000 watts. This continuous use machine is composed of high-pressure stainless steel and uses a heavy-duty motor and propane to convert cold water to hot in less than a minute. The Super Max 7050SCW features an 18.1 kg empty tank and siphon standard chemical infusion.

At just under 1-foot long, 2.5 feet wide and 3 feet tall, this machine is compact, portable, and easy to store. The Super Max 7050SCW includes a 3-foot, double trigger wand and easy disconnect two steam nozzles, and a 25-foot high-pressure steam hose. You can purchase additional tools and customizable hoses so you can get the job done right.

To ensure you get the best clean, you should wipe down your vehicle as you wash it. This allows you to see any spots that need extra attention and removes water from the surface of the car quickly. Use microfiber drying rags for the best results.

Multi-purpose machine

This three-in-one machine packs quite a punch as it functions as a cold and hot water pressure washer and a steam cleaner. This provides maximum flexibility for professional use.

The hot steam feature allows you to easily clean engines and motors. The steam will safely remove built up oil and dirt without damaging the vehicle. Because salt, snow and dirt build up can be damaging to the car and the paint, properly maintaining a vehicle is a balancing act between protecting the car from build-up and water pressure that is too high. The cold-water cleaner is great quick solution for regular cleanings and the hot-water pressure wash will help remove more stubborn, sticky substances. This machine provides maximum flexibility of three machines in one.

The Super Max 7050SCW is also perfect for getting all of the details right. Use your wand to aim pressurized water at the wheel wells, under bumpers and in small crevices to remove all dirt and build up, so your clients get the best clean possible.

Keep the environment safe

The low flow water system allows you to get the maximum clean without wasting gallons of water. While most pressure washers require up to 5 gallons or more of water to remove dirt and grime, this machine uses half the water and gets the best results.

Reduce your impact on the environment when you utilize our unique low-flow technology that pairs eco-friendly cleaner with powerful water pressure and high water temperatures. This machine maximizes the use of water by converting to 65 percent water-35 percent vapor. The combination of heat and pressure allow the Super Max 7050SCW to remove dirt, bugs, tree sap and mud from the exterior of the car with ease, and less water waste.

Daimer Super Max beats electric dry vapor cleaners hands-down. Vapor steam cleaners emit steam that consists of only 5 percent water. You need more water and more steam to properly clean build up from your car. Additionally, when you use this type of cleaner you risk scratching your vehicle.

The Daimer Super Max series is ideal for auto dealers and professional auto detailing companies. This series of auto cleaners provides better cleaning in less time, with less water. Learn more about this line of steam cleaning machines under the “auto detailing” tab on our main page.


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