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Commercial/Industrial Grade

High Quality Commercial Power Washer

High Adaptability to Different Operating Conditions

There are many advantages to purchasing Daimer®'s commercial power washer systems. These machines are designed for protracted operation and can help contractors clean large and numerous surfaces in a few hours. The machines are built for speed and effectiveness, and are, therefore, popular among contractors and people responsible for the maintenance of cleanliness in commercial and public areas. Daimer®'s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Our machines are designed to reduce cleaning time, increase efficiency, and make it easier for you to clean commercial areas without much trouble.

Due to the company's vast product inventory, almost anyone with commercial cleaning requirements has a wide range of commercial cleaning systems to choose from. For example, contractors who are required to clean outdoor areas with uncertain electricity supply can invest in commercial pressure washer systems with gasoline, propane, or diesel-run engines. You need not hesitate anymore if you are required to use this type of commercial cleaning equipment for cleaning indoor areas. The long hoses, as much as 300 feet or longer, enable the operator to clean indoor areas without exposing the area to fumes emitted from the engine.

Contractors can purchase electric pressure cleaners, if they are certain that most of the cleaning tasks will be limited to areas where electricity will be easily available. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning equipment that generates no fumes, then electricity powered and propane heated combination of pressure wash machines would be ideal. All-electric machines, which are heated as well as powered by electricity, are largely used in the food and beverages industry for cleaning machinery and floors. Daimer®'s machines are purchased by customers in hundreds of countries. Its machines are compatible with most power configurations.

You also have the choice of using a heated or non-heated commercial cleaning equipment. A hot water pressure washer attains temperatures as high as 330°F. A hot pressure washer offers the choice of three temperature settings: cold, hot, and steam. The operator can set the temperature according to the cleaning requirement. Therefore, for heavy degreasing operations, you may choose the highest temperatures, while for less arduous degreasing tasks, you may choose the cold water option.

Cold water pressure wash industrial cleaning machines may achieve pressure levels as high as 8000 psi. This accounts for the effectiveness of industrial cleaning machines when it comes to removing dirt from surfaces as diverse as metal, stone, brick, concrete, and tile. The large number of industrial cleaning machines available in Daimer®'s inventory might leave some buyers a bit overwhelmed. That is why Daimer®'s product specialists are on standby to help buyers purchase the right equipment to match their cleaning requirements.

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