October 14, 2014

The Cleansing Power of a Steam Pressure Washer

If you’re here then you know that messes happen, and all messes need to be cleaned up, at least those of the dirt and grime variant. The problem however, is that while some messes require only a wet wash cloth and a bucket of water, others require a rougher touch. For example, a recreational vehicle galloping along the road and collecting mud, or perhaps a house that has been at the center of a typhoon. There are plenty of reasons to take it up a notch, and for this reason, many people prefer to use a steam pressure washer to save themselves what would otherwise be quite a bit of hassle. You have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a pressure washer, from a hot water steam pressure washer, to an electric pressure washer. No matter what it is you need, there is a solution out there for it, and Daimer does in fact have some of the world’s best and most technologically advanced pressure washer technology available.

A Steam Pressure Washer for Hard Surfaces

Daimer has a number of great options, most of which are marketed as a standard pressure washer system, but are more than capable of operating independently as a steam pressure washer or even a hot pressure washer. You have specific cleaning needs, and these tools will meet them. There are many different features available, and whatever your needs happen to be, you can undoubtedly find a pressure washer to meet them. What advantage do steam pressure washers hold over other, more typical units? First of all, you should know that the temperatures in a hot pressure washer can reach over three hundred degrees, which is significantly more than your average heated water supply. Secondly you have to consider the pressure at which they are capable. Wet steam pressure washers range in pressure from ~750psi to over 3000psi with flow rates from 0.5 gallons per minute to over 5 gallons per minute.

These are in fact commercial pressure washers, and because of that, they are designed to meet certain needs even when others have failed. Getting rid of dirt, grime, and other accumulations on a given surface is the most important job these pressure washers can have, from the floor, to the walls, all the way to the ceiling.

There are some units that use a reduced flow rate and rely entirely on higher temperatures to get rid of grease and grime. A reduced flow rate will save money and time, especially if the problem can be taken care of differently. Steam pressure washers can clean more effectively at lower flow rates than standard pressure washers which will waste more water.  The high temperatures make all the difference.

A Source of power

Like many other products from Daimer, these power washers have the potential to use many different power sources, and different heating methods. The most common power source is of course is electricity, though to be perfectly honest, that may not quite give you the horsepower you need. With that in mind, it may be a good idea for you to use one powered by an alternative fuel source such as gasoline, diesel,  or propane. Propane, natural gas, diesel, kerosene, and more may be used as a heating fuel. You will need to know which type of fuel is most readily available in your area. The truth is that you could get anything you wanted with no problem, but if you choose something that takes a bit longer to be delivered, you may find yourself paying considerably more than you wanted for the delivery fee or perhaps an inflated price on the fuel itself. Once again, no one is stopping you from doing so, but it is all a matter of being cost effective in your choices.

Once you know what type of power source and heating fuel you want, feel free to look at several different models on the website and even compare them using Daimer’s comparison tool. You can view different models side by side and quickly determine which would be best for your operation. No, it may not be the easiest decision, but Daimer does make it much simpler to see the most minute differences in their products.

Cleaning up has never been easier. Daimer’s steam pressure washers will get the job done, and they will help to ensure complete cleanliness. The power of steam is never to be understated or underestimated, so start using it today and make sure your floor, vehicle, or building is free of the grime that could otherwise destroy it. 


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