March 09, 2015

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines You Should Know About

Carpet Cleaning MachinesCarpet is one of the must-have accessories at not only households, but also at offices, in shopping malls, at restaurants and many other places. Just like you take care of your own health in order to ensure healthy aging, you should take care of all your belongings and maintain them properly for added durability. A carpet is not an exception to this rule. In fact, you should put a little extra attention and care to carpets since these endure a lot of torture. Every time you come into your home or enter the office and step on the carpet, you bring in a lot of dirt and dust.

This is why carpets get dirty quite quickly. Therefore, you must ensure regular cleaning and maintenance to your carpet if you want it to last long. Although you can always hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner, you should give it a try on your own at first. Buying a handy carpet cleaning machine and doing the cleaning job on your own will also help you cut costs to a great extent while retaining the look of your cherished possession. You can find good quality carpet cleaning machines for sale in the market and can buy one at a cheaper rate by browsing online sites that often offer great deals.

If you are wondering if the same carpet cleaning machine that you use for cleaning the carpets at your home would serve commercial purposes, you should know about the different types of carpet cleaning machines. Just as there are different types of carpets available in the market, there are several machines made for cleaning each too. If you want to get hold of the best carpet cleaning machine in order to ensure optimal results, you should have a fair idea about the features of different types of carpet cleaning machines.

Categories of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Broadly, there are three types of carpet cleaning machines available in the market – home carpet cleaning machines, commercial carpet cleaning machines and industrial carpet cleaning machines. Here a brief look at each of these:

·         Home Carpet Cleaning Machines – Cleaning machines that have compact designs and are small in size are considered to be home carpet cleaning machines. Since these are designed for residential purposes, they are quite small in size. This ensures that these machines can access small spaces efficiently. The small carpet cleaning machines, which are quite affordable, are ideal for small homes as they can be easily moved around the house. These are also quite light weight. One of the major advantages of this type of machines is that they take very little storage space.

·         Industrial Carpet Cleaning Machines – These are heavy-duty cleaning machines that are quite durable and can wipe out very stubborn mud and dirt. These cleaning machines are designed in a way so that these can ensure long cleaning sessions. These are usually used for cleaning carpets that accumulate a great amount of debris and are exposed to larger dust particles.

·         Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines – These cleaning machines are ideal for busy spaces like restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, business areas, exhibition and conference halls as well as hotels. Since the carpets at these places need deeper cleaning, it's advisable to opt for commercial cleaning machines for them. These equipments are a little costlier as compared to the residential ones. However, these are extremely durable and ensure quality cleaning. These machines are well equipped to fight tough grime and stubborn dirt, even those that are embedded deep into the carpet.

Important Features of Carpet Cleaning Machines that You Should Keep in Mind

While using a domestic carpet cleaning machine, you would surely not like to drag the water line or a hose from the kitchen sink faucet. Therefore, you should use a carpet cleaner that is easier to handle and more user friendly. Make sure the equipment you buy comes with pre-installed tools and a water tank.  A carpet cleaner with an on-board water heater helps keep the water hot, which is why the cleaning solution gets easily dissolved. This ensures the carpet is cleaned properly. The features that you should look for while buying a carpet cleaning machine, include -

·         On-board water heater

·         Dual water tanks – separate places for clean and dirty water

·         Portability – non-bulky design

·         Spray trigger which helps figure how much water or solution is used

·         Proper lighting solutions

·         A minimum of two rotating floor brushes

Professional carpet cleaning machines for commercial use should have advanced cleaning features (high pressure levels and inlet temperatures, carpet wand, minimal water usage, upholstery tool, faster drying time etc) for heavy-duty cleaning within a limited time frame.

Why Should You Use A Carpet Cleaning Machine?

If you are wondering what are the exact benefits of using a carpet cleaning machine, you should take a look at the following points -

·         Powered hand tool – Advanced carpet cleaning machines come with in-built solution spray and rotating brushes. These help clean auto upholstery and home.

·         Built-in spot cleaning – With the help of advanced cleaning equipments you can spray cleaning solution on a specific spot and thus ensure targeted cleaning in commercial and industrial settings.

These are the reasons why you should invest in a quality carpet cleaning machine. So, consider all the factors mentioned above before you take your pick to make an informed choice.


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