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It is no question professional home, professional, and industrial carpet cleaning machines are excellent aides in maintaining carpet. So, for the consumer the problem doesn't lie in whether or not it is worth investing in a carpet cleaning machine. The issue instead is simply what type of carpet cleaning machines should be bought. Those who carpet clean areas receiving light traffic may be able to get away with cheaper models that aren't brand name, yet for those desiring to carpet clean areas that are exposed to more potential dirt or stains, more elaborate carpet cleaning machines are necessary. For these latter individuals, the solution can be found through Daimer's low-moisture XTreme Power ® carpet cleaning machines.

If carpet cleaning is done in the home, the Daimer XTreme Power® brand carpet cleaning machine models that are needed are the XPC-5700 and the XPH 5900I. These XTreme Power ® machines cost are not as heavy-duty as the more expensive XTreme Power ® brands, but for a residences they serve their purpose. The XTreme Power ® XPC-5700 is a non-heated carpet cleaning machine, while the XPH 5900I offers adjustable heating options. Both offer a drying time of approximately 6 and 2 hours, respectively.

For carpet cleaning commercial properties, several Daimer commercial industrial XTreme Power® brands are available. These include: XPH 5800T carpet cleaning machine, XPC 9200, XPH 9300, and XPH 9600 equipment. The XPH 5800T, the cheapest model of these choices, utilizes steam cleaning and has approximately a 4 hour drying time. The XPC 9200, a non-heated machine, possesses two tanks that are 15 and 17 gallons, but requires only about 6 hour drying time. The XPH 9300 uses steam like the XPH 5800T, but contains 15 and 17 gallon tanks. The XPH 9300 drying time is only 2 hours.

Finally, the most expensive XTreme Power ® carpet cleaning machine model, the XPH 9600, is an industrial carpet cleaner and is similar with respect to excellent cleaning results like its XPH 5800T and XPH 9300 predecessors. Unlike these brands, the industrial XPH 9600 offers the maximum in Daimer carpet cleaning machine power. It contains 3 two-stage motors, and the highest pump pressure available, with an astounding 500 psi. The other commercial XTreme Power ® brands mentioned only contain 60 to 100 psi.

All Daimer XTreme Power® carpet cleaning machines come with limited warranties of five years. They also come with several attachments. These attachments include cleaning wands, a solution hose and a vacuum hose. The size of the solution and vacuum hoses depends on the XTreme Power ® carpet cleaner being bought. Most of the solution and vacuum hoses are 20' to 25', though the largest ones are 100'. This is what comes with the XPH 9600.

In conclusion, Daimer's XTreme Power® carpet cleaning machines are a must-have for anyone wanting the utmost in carpet cleaning regiments. Daimer offers a variety of choices for home, commercial, and industrial usage. Price-wise the XTreme Power ® might be a bit more expensive than what could be picked up at one's local discount store, but after one sees how powerful these machines are in carpet cleaning, one will have no doubts that the investment was worth it.

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