April 08, 2015

Tips for Choosing the very Best Carpet Cleaning Machine

Carpet Cleaning MachineWhen it comes to your carpets, there is nothing as effective as a deep cleaning. This type of cleaning is how you can feel confident that you are getting all of the food, germs and other residues that are lurking in the deep, dark caverns of the fibers of your carpet. This is also why carpet manufacturers recommend that you have them cleaned, at minimum, every 18 months. Even though this can get a bit costly, there are a number of benefits offered by this type of cleaning schedule.

However, if you don’t mind using a little elbow grease of your own, you can avoid having to pay the premiums required to hire a professional carpet cleaner and instead invest in the best carpet cleaning machine on the market.

Finding Quality Carpet Cleaning Machines

Prior to taking a trip to your local machine rentals or hardware store, you need to be armed with the information you need regarding what to look for. For example, are you looking for a machine that cleans more efficiently than all the others? Or, do you want a machine that is easy to operate and quiet? Or, perhaps you are looking for an option that offers all of the latest and greatest features.

When searching for the best carpet cleaning machine, there are several considerations you should make, which include:

  • If it is CSA certified
  • If it offers a complete user’s manual
  • If it is easy to use
  • How effectively it cleans up soil and dirt

Additional Features to Look for in Home Carpet Cleaning Machines

There are several features you should find as standard issue on any new carpet cleaning machine, which includes an automatic setting for the level of clean that you desire. However, there are also a number of additional features to seek out when looking for a quality machine. It is these features that will ensure you get a good product for your money and ensure that the product is durable and long-lasting.

The first thing you should look for in a quality carpet cleaner is the weight. Any good machine will be heavier than your traditional vacuum. You should also inspect the machine closely in order to look for a number of other important features such as accessories, heater, edge cleaning and rotating brushes. Also, be sure that you read the machine’s warranty carefully. How long is it good for? Are they offering any type of replacement for various components of the machine? If your carpet is less than one year old, it will likely also have a warranty, so you should make sure that using the carpet cleaning machine will not void this warranty.

Preparing Your Carpet for Use of a Carpet Clean Machine

It is important to remember that even if you find the best carpet cleaning machine available, if you do not properly prepare your carpet for the cleaning, then you will not achieve superior results.

Prior to operating the machine over your actual carpet, it is a good idea to vacuum it several times. This will help ensure that all the loose dirt and other debris are removed completely. This will make it much easier to run the machine and you will find it offers much more effective results.

Also, prior to getting started, it is a good idea to ensure all furniture is moved out of the way. For any cabinets or other pieces that may take quite a bit of work to move, you can just place aluminum foil or wax paper beneath the legs in order to prevent the finishes from staining your carpet.

As you begin running your carpet cleaner, you should ensure that you start at the furthest corner and then work back to the middle of the room. This will allow you to effectively clean all of the carpet without stepping on the portion that has already been cleaned. Also, don’t close your doors or windows during or directly after the cleaning in order to ensure the air continues to circulate and dries your carpet much faster. Once your carpet is completely dry, you can vacuum it again to remove any straggling dirt.

The Cost of the Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

Finding the best carpet cleaning machine will also mean that you have to consider the price. While you can find these machines offered at a number of price points, you need to consider exactly what you can realistically afford. This will ensure that you do not spend more than you have for the machine, but it will also ensure that you receive a good machine for your money.

When you take your time to find a quality carpet cleaning machine, you will find that your carpets not only look great, but they also smell great. This will leave your home looking and feeling better than ever. Keep in mind, these machines are not just for your home, but can also be used in business and commercial environments. Taking your time to consider all of the factors here, as well as the cost of the machine will help you find the best carpet cleaning machine for your money. Be sure to ask any questions you have prior to purchase, since you may wind up with a machine that is not right for you if you do not do that.


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