May 18, 2016

Using a Gas Power Pressure Washer in Recycling Centers

Sustainability and keeping cities clean are two goals of many cities. With this in mind, cities recycle, to keep waste out of landfills. Citizens of the town or city can usually take advantage of a home pick up option or can have a drop off location nearby. All of these recyclables are then taken to the recycling center to be sorted and reused.

These facilities can get dirty very easily and keeping up with cleaning can be a full time job itself. Yet, cleanliness is important to upkeep with sanitary conditions for your employees and to show your facility to students on field trips or any other interested visitor.  With this in mind, you should consider a gas pressure washer to keep your recycling center clean.

Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Gas Powered Pressure WashersPressure washers are known for their cleaning abilities. During the warm summer weather, you can expect mud, pollen, and mildew to make its way into your facility. Pressure washers makes short work of tough cleaning jobs.

Tips For Using Your Gas Pressure Washer

  • When cleaning a surface, you will usually want to wash from the bottom up. Then, rinse from the top down.
  • As a general rule of thumb, use a broad, lowest-pressure nozzle. This nozzle provides adequate cleaning. Using a more narrow nozzle can actually cut into the surface you are trying to clean.
  • Before cleaning, try spraying in an inconspicuous area to test your nozzle. Then after your test, you can pressure wash in more visible areas of the recycling facility.
  • Make sure to add fuel stabilizer into the gasoline before you fill the pressure washer’s gas tank.

Pressure Washers for your Recycling Facility

There are a variety of pressure washers to choose from in today’s market. Here are a few pressure washers your should consider.

Super Max 12500 GE – The Super Max 12500 GE is fired by propane, and gasoline powered. It is a commercial and industrial grade pressure cleaner machine that would be a great option for your recycling facility. This pressure washer machine is both versatile and powerful. The 3000 PSI pressure washer water can reach temperatures as high as 210 degrees Fahrenheit and steam temperatures as hot as 330 degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect this pressure washer to reach these high temperatures in only 30 seconds. And, the flow rate is 5 GPM.

Super Max 12880 – The Super Max 12880 is a gasoline powered robust pressure washer machine. The Super Max 12880 is ideal for all of your cleaning needs at your recycling facility. It is a commercial and industrial grade pressure cleaner machine with a flow rate of 5 GPM. The pressure washer offers 3000PSI of pressure. The 12880’s hot water can get as hot as 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the steam temperatures can get as hot as 210 degrees Fahrenheit. It converts the cold water to hot water in only 30 seconds. Also, with the Super Max 12880, there is the availability of a heavy duty 18.0 HP gasoline engine makes the system durable and powerful.

Super Max 12885 – The Super Max 12885 is one of Daimer’s most powerful-rich gas powered pressure washers. The Super Max 12885 has a pressure level of 3500 PSI and a flow rate of 5 GPM. This is a commercial and industrial strength cleaner that would be ideal for all of your cleaning needs at your recycling facility. Reaching its highest and hottest temperatures in only 30 seconds, the Super Max 12885 reaches steam temperatures of 330 degrees Fahrenheit, making this machine the best for even the toughest of cleaning jobs. Also, the Super Max 12885 comes with a heavy duty 18.0 HP gasoline engine that allows this machine to handle all cleaning tasks.

Call Daimer Today!

For more information about steam cleaners or to have a professional help you decide which cleaner will be the best for your individual needs, contact the professionals at Daimer at This company has over 100 man years of experience in the cleaning industry, allowing Daimer to provide you with the information and guidance you need for your carpet cleaning decisions. Daimer Industries is a globally recognized leader in innovative, technologically advanced commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. Located in the United States of America, Daimer ships equipment to over 240 countries worldwide.

The advanced engineering and technology in the products offered by Daimer allow you the best cleaning experience for your recycling facility. There are a variety of pressure washers on the market and finding the right one that will last is extremely important. As Daimer is a recognized worldwide as a leader in the cleaning industry, you can be sure that your machine is durable and is going to last—making it well worth the investment.


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