Gas Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers

Gas Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers
3 Gas Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers
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Gas Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers

Powerful Gas Pressure Washer Machines

Industrial operators face a unique set of demands when it comes to tackling pressure washing applications. Heavy grease, oil, and other types of build-up present a challenge that can only be tackled with powerful gas pressure washers. However, not all pressure washing machines are ideal for industrial uses. In the case of construction sites, railroads, airports, farms, refineries, and other outdoor industrial facilities, operators must be able to tackle applications across large areas, which requires enhanced mobility.

For the greatest degree of mobility, opt for gas pressure washers by Daimer®. A powerful gas pressure washer can be either trailer mounted or wheel mounted to provide optimal flexibility in reaching distant applications. While electric powered machines can also be trailer or wheel mounted, they require use in proximity to a source of electricity. Gas powered pressure washers, on the other hand, are free of ties to an electrical source, enhancing convenience in tackling applications at a distance from an electrical plug point.

The Right Choice for All Those Tough Cleaning Jobs in Industrial Settings

Gas pressure washers are indispensable cleaning machines, particularly in industrial settings. Gas pressure washing machines offer superior results in dissolving and eliminating heavy deposits of oil, grease, and grime from floors, walls, metal surfaces, parking lots, driveways, and other hard surfaces. When compared to using traditional cleaning techniques or conventional hot water pressure washer systems, the advanced gas pressure washers available from Daimer® feature the latest cleaning technologies that guarantee faster and easier cleaning.

Gas Pressure Washer: A Must for Industrial Maintenance

Cleaning power is the first and most important consideration, when it comes to maintaining vast industrial areas. The Super Max™ series of gas power washers featuring high pressure levels of up to 4000 psi, high steam temperatures of up to 330°F, and high flow rates of up to 5 gpm score exceptionally well in terms of cleaning power. Another important aspect to be considered is the mobile configuration of the gas pressure washer. Ideally, the gas powered steam pressure washers must present no trouble to maintenance professionals while being moved around during cleaning of large areas.

The Super Max™ range of gas power washer machines comes with unmatched mobile configuration that makes it perfect for use in settings, such as construction sites, warehouses, airports, and farms. Depending on the kind of cleaning application at hand, users can choose from wheel-mounted or trailer-mounted versions. While the wheel-mounted ones are ideal for maintaining indoor or limited spaces, maintenance of vast, outdoor areas is best tackled with trailer mounted versions.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers: Aspects to Consider

The power option is one of the first things you must consider while purchasing and using a gas pressure washer. Electric versions are great as long as the areas to be cleaned are in proximity to an electrical outlet. When it comes to maintaining vast areas, it is better to go for fuel-powered versions, such as gas powered diesel pressure washers. These machines need not be connected to electrical sockets, are free of electrical cords, and thus more mobile and convenient for cleaning professionals.

The toughest cleaning applications, such as cleaning dirty and greasy concrete, demand the use of high temperatures. For this reason, the Super Max™ range of gas power wash systems comes with hot water temperatures of up to 210°F and steam temperatures of up to 330°F, capable of dissolving the most stubborn dirt deposits from different surfaces.

So, gas powered propane heated pressure washers with tri-mode capabilities are best to tackle multitude of cleaning applications with varying temperature requirements.

Can Gas Pressure Washers Tackle Indoor Applications?

Gas powered pressure washer do generate exhaust fumes. As such, they should not be used for indoor applications unless placed in a well ventilated area. All Daimer® Super Max™ gas pressure washers boast unique Long Hose Technology which enables operators to utilize up to 300 feet of pressure hoses with their gas pressure washing machine without experiencing any loss in cleaning power.

What does this mean for industrial pressure washer operators? Daimer®'s gas pressure cleaners can be placed outdoors or in an exhaust friendly location, as in a boiler room, while operators utilize long pressure hoses to reach virtually any pressure washing application within a 300 foot radius, inside and out.

To find the best gas powered pressure washers, turn to Daimer®, the industry's foremost provider of high quality, powerful, reliable pressure washers.

Daimer Pressure Washers
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