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Featured Pressure Washers

Durable Pressure Cleaners That Improve Productivity

Generally speaking, the more work you obtain from your machine in a given amount of time, the more productive the machine is deemed to be. The goal of quality pressure washers should be to improve productivity. Nowadays, quality pressure washers are designed to reduce manual labor requirements and to achieve thorough cleaning in the least possible time. Additionally, the machine should be durable and require least amount of time for maintenance. Durability also reduces costs in the long run, as the machine suffers less wear and tear, and requires less money on parts replacement.

Every featured pressure cleaner on Daimer®'s inventory passes the test of quality, productivity, and durability. It offers over 700 different models of cleaning machines. Each featured pressure cleaner has certain productivity and durability enhancing characteristics. An electric powered pressure washer, for example, features a heavy-duty NEMA motor to ensure durability and maximum productivity. These machines are sold to buyers in many different countries. To ensure that they operate smoothly everywhere, Daimer® offers machines with customized power configurations to match with the power availability in different parts of the world. The heating coils of the some machines are made of stainless steel, which is more durable than aluminum. The heating time is as little as 30 seconds, which ensures that minimum time is spent on waiting for the water to heat.

Gas powered pressure washers are generally used where electricity supply is insufficient or the contractor feels that using a gasoline-powered machine is more convenient or cost effective. Traditionally, gas-powered machines have not been used indoors because they generate fumes. To get around this problem, Daimer® sells gas-powered pressure washer systems that have long hoses up to hundreds of feet. Other than gas and electric machines, Daimer® also offers pressure cleaner systems powered by diesel, propane, and jet fuel.

These machines feature corrosion resistant, durable housing. Many of the machines have steel, powder-coated housing, which in addition to being resistant to corrosion is also resistant to chipping. Daimer® machines can be broadly divided into two categories: stationary and portable. Mobile pressure washers may be equipped with wheels for local movement or may be mounted on trailers for long distance transportation.

These advantages have made the Super Max™ machines among the most widely used power wash systems for a range of different industries, from car wash businesses to airport and infrastructure maintenance.

Daimer Pressure Washers
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