July 08, 2015

The Quiet, Efficient Vapor-Flo® 7210 Is The Hot/Cold Pressure Washer You Need

Vapor-Flo® 7210You will probably have difficulty finding a customer who hasn’t complained about the noise of a pressure washer. In fact, even if you’re a contractor or in the cleaning business, we are sure you are aware of the amount of noise one of those machines can make. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re introducing you to the Vapor-Flo® 7210; an electric pressure washer that offers a quieter operation.

Being quiet does not take away from this machine’s ability to handle moderate cleaning tasks. It boosts pressure levels of up to 1500 psi and is the best choice for auto detailing as well as cleaning machinery and concrete floors. With low-flow rates due to a 0.4 GPM, this pressure washer is great to use in areas where there is little or no drainage.

Put this electric pressure washer to work

The 7210, which will be wall mounted, has the versatility of cold and hot temperature options and reaches temperatures as high as 96°C, which is hotter than our 7100 version reaches. It’s an extremely user-friendly device because it includes an easily accessible water tank that opens at the top of the machine, offers continuous cleaning usage and converts cold water to hot water in about 20 seconds. Now that’s the kind of versatility you are looking for to efficiently get your work accomplished while using a machine that’s up to the task.

If you own a small to moderately sized auto detailing business then this will be a good option for you. You’ll have the ability to enhance the cleaning power of this pressure washer by using Eco-Green® chemicals in the machine’s standard syphon type/foam lance chemical injection area. Even after a long day of usage, the 7210 will still be going strong because it operates with a heavy duty motor at 1.0 HP. And with steel housing that’s powder-coated, the Vapor-Flo 7210 is resistant to chemical corrosion and stains so any constant exposure will not leave a mark. We aren’t just saying that, reportedly professionals in the auto detailing business recommend electric pressure washers over others saying they are the best option for that type of work.

The Vapor-Flo 7210, of course, comes with standard power methods of 220V-240V, three phase, 60Hz/440V and three phase 60 Hz. In addition to that, you have the optional power methods of 220V-240V, three-phase, 50Hz / 440V, three phase 50 Hz. Also available is a minimum generator size. If you’re interested in the alternative power options or the minimum generator all you have to do is give us a quick call and we will be happy to help you with that order.

The specifications of the Vapor-Flo 7210

Let’s get down to some of the other specifications: This electric pressure washer has one power cord and an electric heating method with 10.0 kW. There is a high pressure, stainless steel heater exchange coil and a direct drive pump method. What else can you expect with this model? A durable 2.5’ trigger wand with quick disconnect; the standard 15° stainless steel pressure nozzle with incorporated filter; and a 9.8m high pressure, double layered hose. You also have the option of additional and customizable pressure hose lengths.

This hefty machine is 63.5 cm wide, 88.9 cm deep, 81.3 cm in height and weighs 74.8 kg, but that’s not a problem for you because, as we mentioned, it’ll be mounted on the wall. With a stationary machine there isn’t the worry about how you’ll maneuver around objects or people, you’ll just pull the vehicle you’re working on near the washer and get everything done within minutes. Once the day is over and it’s time to clean up just turn up the heat, or leave it cold if you like, and wash away any lingering dirt, grime and soap scum. Then as easy as that you are ready for the next day’s work.

To protect your investment we have a trio of warranties that come with this electric pressure washer: A one (1) year limited warranty, a one (1) year limited warranty on the water pump and a one (1) year limited warranty on the motor/engine. We’ve got you covered.

Four advantages of an electric pressure washer

They’re eco-friendly. There’s no gas or fuel to use which means they don’t pollute the surrounding air and they save you a considerable amount of money.

They are versatile. From detailing a car and washing away dirt and grime on a workshop’s cement floor to clearing away food remnants in a food processing plants, the 7210 is appropriate for many industries.

You’ll be competitive. The auto detailing business is a highly lucrative profession and it is also an extremely competitive one. With an electric pressure washer you will be able to quickly obtain clean vehicles to your customers’ satisfaction, which is a very important part of the business.

They are powerful tools. In addition to car detailing, workshops and food processing, the electric washer can be used in hotels, malls, kitchens, theaters, driveways, factories, roads… the list is almost endless. This pressure washer is powerful enough to handle all of these tough jobs and surfaces/applications.

Besides its cleaning power, one of the best things about using a quieter piece of equipment is you won’t disturb the businesses next door or your waiting customers because you’re using the Vapor-Flo 7210, a quiet and efficient hot and cold pressure washer. Order yours today to put your business at the top of a competitive industry.


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