Electric Powered and Electric Heated Pressure Washers

Electric Powered and Electric Heated Pressure Washers
7 Electric Powered and Electric Heated Pressure Washers
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Electric Powered and Electric Heated Pressure Washers

Electric Powered Electric Heated Pressure Washers by Daimer

For a fully electric machine, Daimer® introduces the Vapor Flo® 8800. This machine, unlike other electric pressure washers, is both powered and heated by electricity. Many hot water pressure washers feature different methods for powering the machine and heating the water. This leads to an increased difficulty for the user, as they must maintain two sources of energy. However, Daimer®'s electric pressure washers afford users the ease of mind of using just one.

With this in mind, there are many other benefits of choosing electric pressure washers over other power methods. First, electric powered models produce no exhaust. This ensures the safest air quality for the user and any customers or employees when used for indoor applications. Secondly, electric pressure washers are much quieter than gas or propane powered models. Couple the lower sound production and the lack of exhaust production, and you have the most beneficial machine for indoor pressure washing applications. In fact, these electric pressure washers are ideal for a wide variety of indoor applications where air quality and noise levels must be considered, including hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and more.

Adding to the effectiveness of these hot water pressure washers for indoor applications is the lower flow rate offered by the Vapor-Flo ® 8800. Lower flow rates amount to greater water efficiency, which is ideal for many indoor applications where water consumptions and/or water drainage is a concern. And with a pressure level of 1800 psi, these all electric pressure washers provide sufficient pressure to remove the most stubborn substances while limiting water usage.

Even Daimer®'s hot water pressure washers offer the versatility of two machines in one. Users can effectively operate these machines independently as cold water or hot water pressure washers. Cold water pressure washers are most beneficial for lighter commercial and even residential applications. However, users can experience greatly enhanced cleaning power through the use of high temperature hot water, up to 190 ºF. Able to heat the input water to full operating temperature in only 60 seconds, these hot water pressure washers effectively and efficiently clean and degrease a wide variety of surfaces. The properties of heated water allow for the quick dissolving of substances that are then easily removed by the system's high pressure.

Mobility is one of the few downsides to using all electric pressure washers. These machines must be used in close proximity to an electrical outlet. However, Daimer® expands the capabilities of these machines by offering additional and customizable pressure hose length options. This added option allows users to order pressure hoses to meet their particular application.

If ruggedness and efficiency are your two main concerns, then Daimer®'s all electric pressure washers are right for you.

Daimer Electric Powered Electric Heated Pressure Washers
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